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If there is one thing that is common in the lives of students all around the world, it is that no matter where they are from, they are almost always swamped with huge workload all the time. There are times when every minute of free time that a student gets is hard-earned and fought for. One of the reasons for the students to have such a huge workload is the high number of assignments that they have to prepare. It is no secret that a student’s life revolves around projects and assignments. Before one can finish one, another assignment is already assigned. Moreover, with so much competition in the world today, there is a bit of extra pressure on the students to prepare the best quality of assignment each time.

Moreover, the assignments make up a huge part of the total weightage of marks in a semester. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible for a student to have good grades without performing well with the assignments. In addition to the high number of assignments, the short deadlines make it quite difficult for the students to complete their assignments on time. This is where assignmenthippo.com proves to be beneficial for the students.


For all the students who find themselves swamped with a big number of assignments, assignmenthippo.com has proved to be highly beneficial. The assignment writing services provided by assignmenthippo.com have served as a saviour to thousands of students from all across the globe. Our website is a highly recognized and trusted web portal that is accessed by students from all around the world in order to get their assignments done. There are many reasons for which you would want to avail the assignment writing services offered by assignmenthippo.com.

Here are a few of them:

1. The services are suited for all

The instant assignment services of assignmenthippo.com have been tailored to suit the requirements of all kinds of students. Irrespective of what your requirement is, you can avail the services of assignmenthippo.com. The best part about our portal is that the students of all the courses and fields of study can find get the best quality of assignments done. In most of the cases, it is the average students who are in search for a good quality online assignment help portal. No matter how good a student you are, there are times when you find it quite difficult for to understand the lessons in the classroom. This leads to the inability to express the knowledge well in the assignments. The assignments are nothing but the college’s and the faculty’s way of testing whether or not the students hold a good enough knowledge of the concepts and the basics of the subject. Therefore, it is highly important that the students perform well and prepare good assignments.  No matter which course you are pursuing or which college you are from, if you think that you do not have the required knowledge to excel in the assignments, assignmenthippo.com is here for you.

2. A great record

Assignmenthippo.com has been serving the students from all over the world for a long time now. We have been serving the student community all across the globe. While serving every student, we ensure that the student gets precisely what he needs. As a result, we have a great record proving our competency and the expertise of our writers. As an organization, we have been around for quite some time and that proves the kind of effort that we put in to make sure that the customers are satisfied. Because of the quality that assignmenthippo.com maintains, thousands of students all over the globe avail the services. As an online assignment portal, we understand how crucial and important the assignments can be for a student. Therefore, no matter how little the time is, we make sure that we prepare the best possible quality of the assignment. Our experts get that if a student is coming to an online assignment portal, it is because there is some reason for which they cannot do the assignment themselves and yet, he does not want to lose out on marks. Therefore, the experts make sure that the assignment that the student gets meets all the requirements and standards

3. Delivery on time

One of the things that a student is the most sceptical about while ordering an assignment from an online portal is whether or not the portal will be able to deliver the assignment on time. If one looks at it, when a student orders an assignment to be written by an online portal, it is more often than not considered a risk by the student. In addition to this, if the student has ordered the assignment right before the deadline, then the student would surely want to be sure of receiving the assignment on time because if the online portal, for any reason, fails to deliver the assignment on time, the student is left in a huge fix.  At assignmenthippo.com, we understand all of this and treat every assignment with a lot of care. We know that an important grade depends upon each assignment and that if the assignment is submitted late, it will surely hamper the grade. Therefore, we make sure that we do not leave any of our customers hanging out to dry. Even if a student, from any part of the world, orders an assignment at the eleventh hour, the experts at assignmenthippo.com make sure that the student receives it on time.

4. Zero plagiarism

At assignmenthippo.com, we follow zero plagiarism policy very strictly. We know that plagiarism is the last thing that any student wants in their assignment. In fact, it is the worst thing that can happen to a write up of any kind, especially the ones meant to be published in academia. For this reason, we deliver articles, papers, and assignments of all kinds with zero plagiarism. Irrespective of how little time the student leaves our expert with to write the assignment, it is ensured that the experts never resort to plagiarism of any kind. Assignmenthippo.com is proud to have a team of experts who are highly skilled and efficient to prepare the assignments of supreme quality. There are times when a student might be inclined to believe that the online portal will indulge in plagiarism as it is claiming to deliver assignments in no time. However, we at assignmenthippo.com absolutely abhor plagiarism and avoid it at all costs. Each and every single assignment that we provide to the students is absolutely original, authentic and free of plagiarism. As an online assignment portal, we understand that for the students, a lot is at stake with each assignment; therefore, we deliver the best quality of assignments.

 5. Highly qualified experts

One of the major reasons for which the students from all over the world avail our services is the team of highly qualified experts that we have. As already mentioned above, we take all the assignments very seriously and ensure that the quality and the standards are maintained. To make sure of the quality, we have developed a strict process when it comes to hiring the writers of our team. Each and every writer in our team is an expert in their respective field of study and has years of experience of helping students all over the world with their assignment and paper requirements. Because of this expertise and experience, the experts find it fairly easy to complete the assignments in little time. Moreover, one should understand that our experts work on assignments on a daily basis. As a result, they have grown used to writing assignments, essays, and papers under pressure and still completing them on time. Therefore, our students enjoy the privilege of resting assured that the individual handling their assignment is a highly experienced one and has handled a lot of such assignments in the past. Moreover, because of this experience, our experts easily prepare the assignments according to the guidelines provided by the students.

6. 24/7 customer care

When you order an assignment from an online assignment help portal, you are bound to have a lot of questions regarding it. As a student, you will always have questions arising in your mind. At assignmenthippo.com, we understand this very well. For this reason, the customer support team at assignmenthippo.com is available 24/7 to all the students. This support line helps the students with all the queries that they might have regarding the assignment help online. Assignments are responsible for grades and grades is a really sensitive issue for students all around the world. Therefore, if the students do not find the answers to their questions quickly, they can turn into anxiety for them. This is the reason why our customer support is available at all times and can be accessed by all the students. We make sure that the support line caters to all kinds of queries and doubts that the students have.  

7. Unlimited free revisions

The relationship between the students and assignmenthippo.com does not end with us delivering the assignments to them. It works and functions way beyond that. Since the students can only give instructions to the expert writers and not monitor the assignment while it is in progress, there are always chances that the assignments may not turn out to be the way the students want it. Therefore, we give all our customers the privilege to contact us in case they need or want any further revision of the assignment that has been delivered to them. At assignmenthippo.com. we provide all the students with the facility to get unlimited revisions made on the assignments, and that too, free of cost. The portal does not charge anything extra from the students for the revision that they ask to be made after the assignment has been delivered.
At assignmenthippo.com, our first priority is to cater to the needs of the students and deliver an assignment that meets all the requirements of the student. To ensure this, we offer unlimited free revisions to the students.

8. We value your privacy

This is one of the biggest concerns that students around the world have while ordering an assignment from an online portal. The internet is filled with websites that claim to deliver the best quality of assignments on all subjects to the students around the world. This makes the students vulnerable to scam and also puts a risk on their privacy. Almost on every such website, the first thing that the students have to do is put in all the contact details so that the portal can contact them. At assignmenthippo.com, we make sure that the privacy of all the students is protected. This is one of the primary reasons for which our portal is trusted by thousands of students from all across the globe. We make sure that the contact details of all the students are not shared with anyone. We understand that the students can get really irritated with the spam messages and emails that they get if their contact details are revealed.

9. Assignments in all referencing styles

Referencing a document is something that troubles a lot of students. It is something that the students around the world find really difficult. Different universities and colleges around the world ask the students to prepare the assignments in different referencing styles. At times, students of one college can be asked to write different assignments in different referencing styles. Therefore, it becomes difficult for students to learn all styles. At assignmenthippo.com, our experts are capable of writing all types of assignments in any of the referencing styles, including Harvard, MLA, Oxford, APA, Turabian, and many more.

10. Reasonable prices

When you choose our online assignment help services, you are not overcharged. We understand that the students already have enough expenses to bear and ordering these assignments can prove to be an extra burden on them. With this in mind, we offer all our online assignment help services at a very reasonable price. This is one of the primary reasons for us to have such a huge customer base. Moreover, we make sure that the assignments are always pocket-friendly with an intent to help all the students to avail our services without putting a huge burden on their pockets. We have no hidden charges and as already mentioned, even provide unlimited free revisions.

7 reasons to choose AssignmentHippo to write the best Project Report

Writing a project report is one of the things that are not as easy as they may seem. People may think that writing a project report is not a difficult task; however, it is not something everyone can do. If you are a student, this is something that is already known to you. The life of a student is filled with assignments and projects. Every other day, a student gets a new assignment and after a certain point of time, it comes to a stage where the student has no time at all left to do or complete anything on time. At assignmenthippo, we understand all this and acknowledge all these problems. This is the reason why thousands of students invest their trust in us and avail our help and services to help write their project reports.

One of the biggest problems that the students face is that they do not understand what a project report is. The very first step towards writing or completing an assignment is to completely understand what it requires of you. Therefore, if you are a student who needs to write a project report or needs help with it, understand that the most common type of project report is one that describes the current state of the project to all the interested parties or stakeholders. The idea behind creating a project report is to clearly quantify all the work that has been performed so far. Moreover, the project report also compares the progress of the project to the deadlines that have been set for the project. Moreover, the overall goal of the report is to accurately define the current state of the project to all the parties involved.

If you are a student who has to prepare a project report in a limited time, then assignmenthippo is the best place that you could have come to. Assignmenthippo is one of the leading assignment help portals on the internet. In the past years, we have helped thousands of students from around the world with their assignment requirements.

Here are a few reasons for you to avail help from assignmenthippo to write the best project report:

  1. Custom report writing

As a student, you obviously do not have the best idea as to how you should go about writing a project report. Even if you do, it is possible that you do not have the time with you to put into making the report. Well, if for any reason, you feel like you are not up to the task of preparing the project report, remember that we, at assignmenthippo, have got you covered. We provide you with the best custom project report writing service possible. Over the years, we have served thousands of students from all over the world with their project report requirements. Our experts are highly acquainted with the process of writing a project report, having prepared thousands of them in the past years. Irrespective of where you study or what course you are pursuing, the experts at assignmenthippo can help you get the best grade or make you stand out among your peers by preparing the best quality of project report for you.

  1. Highly experienced writers

At assignmenthippo, we have a team of writers who are highly experienced. We do not hire anyone as our writer and we make sure that the writers who get hired in our team have abundant experience of helping students from all around the world with their assignment requirements. One should understand that experience is always better than theoretical knowledge. This is the primary reason why we do not hire writers who just have good degrees. At assignmenthippo, we are known for the quality of assignments we create and the speed at which we do so; therefore, we make sure that we hire writers who are used to working on a wide range of assignments and that they can do so in quick time. Our writers have years of experience of working on project reports, and that too, of different kinds. This is the reason why we have been able to successfully help a huge number of students with their project report writing requirements. Irrespective of what kind of project report you have been assigned to do by your professor or supervisor, the writers at assignmenthippo are more than equipped and efficient to help you with it and get you a good grade.

  1. A great record in project report writing

While ordering an assignment from an online assignment portal, one of the first things that a student chooses is the record that the portal has in delivering good quality of assignments. If the student can know for sure that the portal has a track record of delivering the same assignment that he is looking for, there is nothing better for him. Knowing so helps the students develop a lot of confidence in the portal and relax. If you are looking for getting your project report made from an online portal, it would be pleasing for you to know that we, at assignmenthippo, have helped a huge number of students all over the world with their project report requirements. We have had the opportunity to help the students with all kinds of project reports and thus, we have established a great record with them. As a result, our experts hold a plethora of experience with doing the project report assignments. Therefore, the students around the world come to us to get good-quality project report written.

  1. We follow your instructions

For any student who is looking to get their assignment made, it is quite important that the online portal follows their instructions to the letter. We, at assignmenthippo, understand that each and every college is different and the kind of assignments that the students get assigned can vary from teacher to teacher, let alone from college to college. As a student, you might want one assignment to be written in a particular style and another in a different one, depending upon the professor. We know that when you come to us in your time of need, you might be worried about your instructions not being followed. However, if you get your project report done from assignmenthippo, you can rest assured that even the tiniest ones of your instructions will be followed while preparing your assignment. We highly understand that the assignments are directly linked to the grades of the students. Therefore, if your assignment does not get prepared well, it can hamper your performance in the class. It is for this reason that we make sure to follow all your instructions and deliver a high-quality assignment.

  1. Zero plagiarism

At assignmenthippo, our experts follow a very strict no plagiarism policy. As a student, you should understand that there is nothing that can hamper the quality of your assignment more than plagiarism. It is the last thing that anyone would want in their assignment. Plagiarism is the worst thing that can happen to any form of content, especially something that is meant to be evaluated for marks. Keeping this in mind, we, at assignmenthippo, we write all the assignments for our entire customer base around the world with zero plagiarism. No matter how little time we get to complete your assignment, it is ensured that no expert or writer resort to plagiarism in order to complete the assignment in time. We take pride in having a team composed of writers who are highly experienced. At times, the students might think that the online portal would resort to plagiarism. However, it is something that we, at assignmenthippo, avoid at all costs. It is not even an option for us. Therefore, when you ask us to prepare the project report for you, you can rest assured that the content is absolutely original.

  1. Free editing and revisions

It is our commitment to make sure that the project report that you receive upon completion is absolutely flawless. However, since the project reports are of various kinds and the kind of assignments varies from teacher to teacher, there are chances that you might want changes made to your report after you receive it. There is always a possibility that the assignment may turn out a bit different from what you expect. Even if it is exactly how you want and you still want some changes made, you need not worry. At assignmenthippo, we make sure that our customers do not end up in a situation where they do not like the end product. To make sure of this, we allow the students to get back to us and get all the changes made that they need. The best part about this is that the students do not get charged anything extra for this. We believe that our transaction with the students and customers do not end with the delivery of the assignment, but when the customer gets satisfied. Until the students get satisfied with the project report that they end up with, we help them and make all the changes that they need.

  1. Round the clock assistance

Not every student is aware of the process of ordering an assignment from an online portal. Even if you are a student who has got an assignment made from an online portal before, it is possible for you to have a lot of questions and queries regarding the project report and the process. At assignmenthippo, we understand that all the questions that the students have are really important. For this reason, we help and solve all the queries that the students have with the customer support that we have made available to the students 24/7. The students and the customers can use this helpline to get answers to all sorts of questions and confusions that they might have. It is already mentioned that we understand that the quality of the assignments that we make is directly proportional to the marks or the grades that our customers get. Therefore, we try to solve all the queries of the students very quickly as the faster they get answers to their questions, the faster the process can end. The helpline is a significant element of the process of assignment delivery as it ensures that thousands of students around the world put their faith in us and believe that we will be there for them at all times.

Different types of database and DBMS

Different types of database

Database System:

A database refers to an electronically preserved and accessible set of data. The data is saved so that users do not encounter any search and modification challenges in a structured and correct manner. This is necessary to create an archive so all the information and documentation have to be stored so they can be used to update or revisit at a later date. This is also exchanged with various applications by the use of a DBMS. DBMS lets consumers maintain their applications healthy and usable. The different types of DBMS are perfectly described by our database management assignment help expert as given below. go through the types of databases and make it understand in your best knowledge.

Different types of database:

  1. Commercial database: A commercial database refers to data processing that may be electronically viewed, for example on television. The user has no right to change or modify it. So, via a commercial connection is the only way to reach this database.
  2. Operational databases: Operational databases are the most commonly used ones in areas such as marketing, production, management, etc., such than in the online transactions, information of the employees and customers.
  3. Centralized database: Accessing, storing and updating the database in a single location. The centralized location is often a central database system accessible remotely.
  4. End user database: The end-user database can be used through a query language by end-users of a software application. Generally, this database is distributed between various end-user applications users.
  5. Distributed database: The main feature of the database is that the data is stored on multiple computers at the same location or on different machines at different locations and is networked. A single communication link helps the common database accessed and connected with it.
  6. Personal database: this database is formed for personal use only the user can modify it and have access to it.

Database management system explained by database assignment help experts:

Database Management System is a software application set that allows users to change or incorporate data in the database. The development, collection, modification or maintenance of data can be simpler with DBMS. The program is the interface between software and end-user programs. It guarantees greatly structured and readily available data stored.

The three essential elements of a DBMS are data, database engine and database structure. The database schema describes the functional form of the database by the database system. The archive is managed in a systematic manner and the data is stored continuously regularly.

Advantages of DBMS:

  • DBMS provides end to end user access to and uses the data for modification or retrieval simultaneously.
  • The main advantage of DBMS is that the data is more managed and safer than any external source.
  • Several users have managed access to the data through DBMS.
  • The same database can be used for processing and modifying the data through various applications.
  • The GUI also allows data processing faster. The user would also able to use a basic application to obtain the data. This is also available with a GUI.
  • DBMS offers integrated integrity checks to ensure accuracy and data integrity.


  • Lose, of data in case data is not backed up.
  • Frequent updates can cause pause the services for some time.
  • more data means there will be more complexity.

If you need a professional assignment help experts who can help with database assignments then you are at right place. Order now to avail the best database assignment help services at assignment hippo. Avail amazing discounts.

Difference between phrases and clauses

Difference between phrases and clauses

English language is one of the complex language with lots of parts joined together to make a single line. A simple sentence in the English language can be broken into many different parts. As each part of the sentence is very important, any sentence without any of these parts will make the sentence wrong. New to the English language as well as experienced persons in writing the English language often get confused due to many parts present in the English language. So to lessen the confusion between these sentences we will provide the basic difference between phrases and clauses in this article.

Since phrases and clauses look almost the same it makes it incredibly difficult to differentiate between them. One of the most common mistakes made in the English language is the interchangeability of phrases and clauses. This article is mainly about how to rectify the mistakes made due to the interchangeability of phrases and clauses and also to detect whether the part is a phrase or clause. We have the best English essay experts and nursing assignment help experts who can handle all kinds of nursing essays, including nursing for lab, nursing for general purposes.


Clauses are part of sentences that make complete sense on its own. It has a noun and verb and almost can be used as a complete sentence on its own. For example, the sentence “Ram eats” is a complete sentence and can be used independently hence it may be said that all sentences are a clause. Clauses are an important part of any sentence as it makes the sentence complete. Also, more than one clauses can be used together to make sentences more narrative. Some of the examples of clauses are given below:

  • Alina is thirsty.
  • She is not feeling good today.

Clauses can be divided into two parts:

  • Independent clauses: The clauses which can complete a sentence and make it meaningful on its own are known as independent clauses. They can also be said as simple sentences. Here are some examples of independent clauses:
  • She will give him some of her food.
  • We will agree to it.
  • Dependent clauses: The clauses which are not able to make complete meaningful sentences on its own is called dependent clauses. These types of clause must be used with another clause to make the sentence complete. The examples of dependent clauses are given below:
  • Although she is thirty….
  • Whatever they decide,….


Phrases are part of a sentence that doesn’t have subject-verb. It is incomplete and can never be completed without the use of clauses. It can only be used as a part of a sentence. It is mainly used as part to emphasize something. It can be used sometimes as adverbs, sometimes as adjectives, sometimes as prepositions, etc. The behavior of any phrases depends mainly on the person’s mind and it can be used as anyway desired by the author. Some of the examples of phrases are :

  1. Worst enemy ( used as a noun )
  2. Giving help  ( here the phrase is used as adjective )
  3. With the red top ( here it is used as an adjective but it is a preposition )
  4. For 80 nights ( here the phrase is used as an adverb)

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