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C is a language of procedural programming and also a general-purpose programming language built-in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T's Bell Labors. It's a magnificent and clear language that lets users quickly create complicated software applications. It's spoken of as the mother of all languages. C is a programming language of high level programming which also serves a language of low-level programming.

Introduction to C by C Assignment Help Experts

C is called the ' Mother of all programming languages' and is the most trendy language of computing. C is one of the most fundamental languages since it is directly linked with languages of a low level. It's a well-established fact that C is a high-level programming language.

The C compiler supports both assembly language and high-level language features and is, therefore, best appropriate for writing all device applications and most business packages.

It is a portable language, and so it can run on several computer systems once the code is written. C is basically used for Operating Systems development. Unix was the first Operating System built using C. While assembly language offers relatively higher speed and full portability control over the software it lacks.

USE OF C Language as per C Assignment Help Professionals Online

  • Operating system: by using c language we can make our own Operating System because it is a low-level language. It is fast. It has two layers
  • Assembly language.
  • Language compilers: most of the compilers are written in the c language example java-complier is written in the c language.
  • Text editor: all the text editors are written in c language
  • Modern programs: most of the new programming language is inherited by the c programming language.
  • Games: we can also develop many games and animations by using this language.
  • Database: yes, we do have SQL but in an earlier time we were using to c to store the data using structures.

Advantages of c:

  • The modular structure makes code debugging, maintenance, and makes testing easier.
  • Programs written in c are highly portable.
  • C is the building block for other programming languages.
  • There are several built-in functions in c which can be used to develop various projects.
  • We can also create our own functions and save it use it anytime.

Disadvantages of the c:

  • It does not have the constructor and destructor.
  • There is no concept of the namespace in c.
  • C does not provide binding or wrapping of data into a single unit.
  • Single does not provide the oops concept.

Conclusion of C Language by C Assignment Help Programmers

C is known as the mother of all programming languages since it has built a great base of all programming languages such as Java, Python, C++ etc. C is agile and flexible. C programming is extremely compact and quickly runs. C has got a rich library and systems ecosystem. C provides direct Hardware access. All this is a rare and attractive mix that is unlikely to match for quite a long time.

Sample C Assignment Help Solved By the Experts

You will have an individual project  related to properties, modification, strengthening 
or deterioration of materials. You will also be involved in a group project to apply 
your knowledge of materials gained from your individual project to a given 
application and to present in a seminar. Your individual as well as group project 
reports should have the following format: 
# Your report should have an assignment cover sheet and must contain student 
and unit details.  
# In your report you should include the following: 
# table of contents and section headings (sub-headings) where applicable 
# introduction, discussion, conclusions and references 
# Assignment should be clearly typed on only one side of the paper. Relevant and 
sufficient references should be cited in text and listed at the end. Diagrams and 
tables should be neat, numbered and captioned. Page numbering should be 
# Refer to the “Unit Information” found on the blackboard website for due dates 
of the project work. 
# Your project will be assessed using Criterion Referenced Assessment (CRA) 
found at the Blackboard website under “Assessment” and this should be 
included with your reports.  

Individual Project Work (15%) 
# Check the title of your project on the BB website. This will be activated in 
week 1. 
# Start your individual research work on the topic given to you as early as 
# Your text book provides the best starting materials for your research.  The 
references listed in the “Unit Information” would also help you understanding 
your topic.  
# From your reading, write a 1000-word report. You need to follow the format 
given above when writing your report. 
# Each topic is large enough so you need to write your report concisely. This 
reflects your knowledge and understanding of the topic which is important to 
your group project work.  
# Individual project topics are listed below.
Mechanics of various failure modes: 
# What are the fundamental modes of failure? 
# Discuss the reasons for studying failure. 
# Discuss appropriate design principles that can be employed to prevent in-service failure. 

Composites and Manufacturability:  
# Why are composite materials used commonly in modern high-tech applications? 
# What is the mechanical characteristics difference between matrix phase and dispersed 
	phase in composite materials? 
# Describe the processing and manufacturing of fibre- reinforced composite materials.
Please do the assignment according to the Criteria sheet .

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