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MATLAB is one of the subjects is used for multiple purposes in the field of engineering. Primarily used for electrical engineering, this software can be used for electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering as well as software engineering. It is generally used for technical computing and is a very high-performance software. The software was developed by MathWorks and is the company that generally deals with the license of the software. The software has many upgrades over the years which has made them even better than what it was a few years ago. Since it is a programming software, it tends to be difficult to use as not students are good at programming. This software needs the user to be a bit proficient in programming as well as mathematics to be able to perform any calculations on MATLAB. A few of the basic operations that can be performed in MATLAB are matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementing algorithms, user interface creation, and also the integration of programs of other languages, etc. This software is a very powerful tool in the hands of a good programmer of MATLAB. Let us know more about MATLAB in the next section.

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Like all programming languages, MATLAB uses variables and constants for programming. Also, in MATLAB, programmers tend to use Vectors and Matrices for programming various mathematical models for the work. MATLAB is fairly advanced and it can be used to perform almost all the properties of matrixes such as indexing of matrixes, transposing of matrixes, finding the identity matrix, etc. Like other programming languages, MATLAB can be used to store different data types as it supports structured data types and can be easily manipulated to get the desired results. MATLAB can be used to create a function that can be incorporated in any other programming language. MATLAB can also be used to produce an Object-oriented program which is very useful in daily life programming. One of the specialties of MATLAB is its use in plotting graphs which can be either 2 Dimensional or 3 Dimensional. Programming of the various user interface is also much easier in MATLAB in comparison to other programming languages. With the use of various logic gates, MATLAB can be used to produce various circuit designs and can be tested using MATLAB. Overall MATLAB is one of the best software that can be used in a variety of environments.

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Matlab Sample Assignment on Image processing Solved by Experts

Exercise 1. In the folder “Cells”, you will find 12 fluorescence microscopy 
images of cells stained with a fluorescent marker. Download the images

Code a Matlab script that:

a) computes the binary image (mask) that is true for pixels inside the cells 
	and false for pixels of the background, for each image. Save the resulting images 
	in a different folder.

b) computes the mean pixel intensity of the original image, only considering the 
	pixels inside cells, for each image. Stores the results in an array.

c) computes the standard deviation of the intensity of the original image, 
	only considering the pixels inside cells, for each image. Stores the results in an array.

d) counts the number of objects, cells, or groups of cells 
	(cells that are in contact with each other) on each image, using the 
	command described in the note at the end of this document. Stores the results in an array.

e) make three separate plots:

The mean pixel intensity per image you computed in (b), as a function of the image number. 
The image number is the order in which you have read the images: 1 to 12.
The standard deviation of the intensity per image you computed in (c), as a function 
of the image number.The number of objects per image you computed in (d), as a 
function of the image number. Exercise 2. Three images of 2048x2048 pixels have been 
broken into 8x8 pieces, like a checkerboard. The 64 small square images that 
compose each original image have been orderly saved for you to reconstruct.

Download the images

Code a Matlab script that:

a) creates three grayscale images (one for the strawberries, one for the cucumbers, 
	and one for the blueberries) and saves them with adequate names.
b) counts the number of fruits of each type. (see note below)
c) makes one colorful image where the three images are combined and fruit colors 
	correspond to reality (strawberries in red, cucumbers in green, and blueberries in blue) 
	and save it to a file.

Exercise 3. Download the images

Code a Matlab script that:

a) reads the file EqualLines.tif and calculates the thickness of the lines, in pixels. 
	You can use morphological operations if you’d like.

b) reads the file UnequalLines.tif, deletes all lines except the thickest line, and saves 
a new image that only contains the thickest line in a file called ‘fatLine.tif’.
Note: Check the Matlab documentation about the command bwlabel. It does a lot of interesting 
things, but we will only use its ability to count objects in a binary image. For counting 
the numbers of disconnected objects in the binary matrix myBinaryImage you can use it like this: 
[~, numberOfObjects] = bwlabel(myBinaryImage);

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