Building a virtual machine on the AWS cloud platform

Assignment 3 Instructions:

Your task is to develop a proof of concept by building a virtual machine on the AWS cloud platform to host the company's current infrastructure. For the purpose of the lab, you will use Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to create your own VPC and launch a web server to host the company's web server. You will also create security groups for an EC2 instance, configure and customize the EC2 instance to run the web server, and launch it into the VPC. 

For this project, you will need to complete the "Build a Virtual Private Cloud and Launch a Web Server" hands-on activity and include screenshots of your work in the project. Read the report template before starting the activity for instructions on required screenshots.

Use the Proof-of-Concept Report Template to prepare a report that shows the steps and results for the proof of concept. In the template, you will see specific instructions in the document. Delete the instruction text before you submit your project.

Your report should:

  • Be five to seven pages long(plus an appendix for screenshots, cover page, and table of contents) 
  • Address the topics listed in the Proof-of-Concept Report Template
  • Include the following screenshots from the "Build a Virtual Private Cloud and Launch a Web Server" activity:

    • Start Lab page 
    • AWS Management Console Name with your name visible from user drop-down 
    • Task 1: Create Your VPC
    • Task 2: Create Additional Subnets
    • Task 3: Create a VPC Security Group
    • Task 4: Launch a Web Server Instance

Concept Report


Provide a summary of your report that highlights key information to be shared.


Briefly introduce your project and include the current structure of the company.

Statement of Need

Explain what the company is struggling with and how the company could benefit from moving to the cloud.


State any assumptions you made as part of the process.

Description of Current Infrastructure

Describe the current infrastructure of the company that will be migrated to the cloud.

Cloud Service Providers

Provide an overview of the top three cloud service providers. List the services offered and briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of each provider.

Project Details

Explain the steps involved in executing the project. “Building a VPC on AWS” and “Launching a Web Server” on AWS should be subtitles under “Project Details.”

Building a VPC on AWS

Describe the steps used in building a VPC.

Launching a Web Server on AWS

Describe the steps used in launching a web server on an instance.

Challenges Encountered

List and discuss any challenges in encountered while building the VPC and launching the web server.



Appendix - Screenshots

Start Lab

Include a screenshot of the following page to show the time you started the lab.

AWS Start Lab

Source: AWS

AWS Management Console Name

Include a screenshot of the following page to show your name.

AWS Management Console

Source: AWS

Capture the screen after each task of the lab and insert it here.

Task 1: Create Your VPC

<insert screenshot>

Task 2: Create Additional Subnets

<insert screenshot>

Task 3: Create a VPC Security Group

<insert screenshot>

Task 4: Launch a Web Server Instance

<insert screenshot>

Lab Complete

<insert screenshot>

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