Practical Data Management and Analysis for Public Health Assignment 7

Graded Assignment 7

For this week’s practice assignment you’ll be working with simulated data on height, age, and gender for a sample of n=1000 elementary school students. Please download the dataset DataAssign7.sav and the corresponding codebook CodebookDataAssign7.doc from the Practice Assignment 7 page of the Assignments section of this course.


(1) Your first goal is to describe how height varies in relation to age in this sample. Create a scatterplot with age on the horizontal axis and height on the vertical axis. Examine the scatterplot to determine whether a line might provide a good model for the relationship between age and height.

(2) Set up and run a linear regression model that describes how height varies in relation to age in this sample.

(3) Create a dummy variable MALE that takes the value 1 for male participants and 0 for female participants.

(4) Set up and run a regression model in which MALE is the independent variable and HEIGHT is the dependent variable.

(5) Use an independent samples t-test to test the null hypothesis that the average heights of girls and boys are identical in this population.

(6) Write a brief report in which you comment on the scatterplot you created in Part (1); explain what the regression model you estimated in Part (2) says about how height varies in relation to age in the population from which this sample was drawn; explain what the results of the regression model you estimated in Part (4) mean about the heights of girls and boys in this population; and compare the results of the latter regression model to the results of the independent samples t-test you conducted in Part (5)


In the Assignments section, please upload the following items to the Practice Assignment 7 page 24 hours before live session 7:

1. Your syntax file for carrying out the analyses requested in items (1) through (5) above;

2. Your written report as described in (6).

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