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LOG 235 Mod 7 Exam Step 5 Business Case Analysis

1. What is the primary reason that the Program Manager (PM) Product Support Manager (PSM) executes appropriate cost benefit analysis?

It is the law in accordance with United States Code (USC) Title 10 Section 2337

2. 10 USC 2466 states that no more than what percentage of funds made available to a Service for depot-level maintenance may be used to fund nongovernmental personnel?


3. The Business Case Analysis (BCA) Guidebook mandates a specific level of analysis that the Product Support Manager (PSM) must follow no matter the program cost, complexity and risk.

True or False

4. A Business Case Analysis (BCA), including cost-benefit analysis as outlined in Office of Management and Budget Circular A-94, is executed to validate the product support strategy.

True or False

5. The scope of the Business Case Analysis (BCA) analysis must account for which of the following?

All of these responses are correct

6. The Business Case Analysis (BCA) should give a clear comparison of each alternative that includes ________ to aid the Program Manager (PM) in selecting an alternative that meets the Warfighter’s requirements.

Cost, benefits, and risk

7. Partnerships whereby public organizations enter into a contract for the sale of sustainment products or services with a private organization are examples of what kind Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Arrangement?

Direct Sales arrangements

8. In Step 5, alternatives should be developed in enough detail to be distinguishable, but can be fleshed out further in the analysis of financial and nonfinancial impacts.

True or False

9. A Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is always a Direct Sales Product Support Arrangement (PSA) between a public Product Support Provider (PSP) and a commercial Product Support Integrator (PSI).

True or False

10. The status of working relationships between potential partners should have no impact on future partnership opportunities.

True or False

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