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GAUSS Assignment Help

GAUSS Assignment Help The world of Aptech Systems' GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System (GAUSS) 5.0 is a veritable universe with generations of econometrics and finance researchers having grown up on it. But it is also a tool that is of value to operations researchers for designing their own algorithms, for doing quick simulations, or for teaching operations research and statistics. Our viewpoint for this review is that of a user who needs to use matrices or statistics a lot but does not have the time or expertise to program routines in lower-level languages like C, C++ or Java.

GAUSS Features

GAUSS is a both a high-level programming language for numerical, statistical and financial calculations and a limited interactive environment. As a programming language, you can use GAUSS to write compact programs given the number of matrix-based statistical and financial functions already built into the language.

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Functions Included in Run Time Library

GAUSS has several Application Modules as well as functions in its Run-Time Library.

  • Qprog - Quadratic programming
  • SqpSolvemt - Sequential quadratic programming
  • QNewton - Quasi-Newton unconstrained optimization
  • EQsolve - Nonlinear equations solver.
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