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ACM30219 Certificate III in Animal Technology Assessment Answer

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Animal technology is the process of keeping animals, breeding them, and also proving their care for the use of scientific purposes in the laboratory. All these tasks are performed under supervision with the help of experts and under conditions at a certain place. They are also known as an animal technician. The major task of animal technicians includes breeding and animal husbandry. Creature innovation is one of the perceived proficient territories held by enrolled science experts, and creature technologists, likewise called creature professionals, assume a vital part in supporting biomedical exploration by guaranteeing that creatures are accessible for study. Head spaces of creature innovation incorporate creature farming and rearing, giving everyday consideration to research facility animals, guaranteeing consistency with animal government assistance rehearses and legitimate issues, and performing fundamental logical procedures. Specialized capabilities for animal technologists and the guidelines they should hold fast to fluctuate by country, yet in numerous pieces of the world animal innovation is an exceptionally organized calling that structures part of lab management. Animal innovation is identified with the field of animal administration and technologists are frequently spend significant time working with specific types of animals, either in the lab or in the field.

Administrative consistency with the Australian Code for the Consideration and Utilization of Creatures for Logical Purposes applies to certain units of competency. Furthermore, singular units of competency may determine applicable authorizing, administrative, and additionally administrative necessities. Explicit assurance ought to be looked for through the pertinent State or Domain body.

The possible job roles after the learner will complete this course are:

  1. Technician officer
  2. Field assistant
  3. Animal technician

The certificate course on animal technology will assist the learner in the operations that took place in the industry of technology. Working and becoming a part of a sector that involves the usage of animals for scientific purposes and testing is not an easy task. The student will be part of a group and will work under professionals in this field. When a learner is pursuing the course of animal technology an individual must be working in the sector of animal technology. A learner should be involved in the tasks done at animal technology. It is expected that a person already part of animal technology must be familiar with the licensing requirements of this course. This course will inculcate the skills of an effective operator on sites and in the office of animal technology. The course of animal technology will assist a learner in the activities that are involved in the process of implementing practices for effective animal technology. The course on animal technology will guide the learner in the tasks and management techniques opted in this sector. As multiple tasks took place in this sector, a learner must have knowledge and experience of working after the completion of a basic level course in animal technology. This course will provide learners with exposure to working in this sector. A learner should have basic knowledge regarding the complex process of animal technology and tasks related to the same. The certificate course of Animal technology develops skills in the learner of all the activities and tasks that happen in the operations that are related to animal technology. The unit is not only limited to technical skills which are required for the job but also management skills. The learner will be learning the basics of all of the steps that are involved in the process of services for animal technology. As it is described that Animal technology has many steps and processes, hence, a learner is expected to be excelled in all the tasks. This is a crucial step in gaining knowledge. The course on Animal technology is for the learners that wanted to proceed with their future in the sector of Animal technology or the management of the same. Training will also be conducted by the university. This will provide exposure to the learner. A learner can get all the practical knowledge through training.

For any developing sector, management plays an important role. Many people who are engaged in Animal technology wanted growth in their careers. This course can make their task easier by inculcating them with the skills of animal technology. The government is also giving funds to the needy ones. Furthermore, there are many extra merits that learners can avail of from this course. Incentives, pieces of training, and salary hikes are other features which are attracting learners for pursuing this course as it will give more perfection at work. Scholarships are also awarded. The government also provides loans to needy students who are willing to do this course but they are lacking in financial support. The Animal technology course is for students that have immense interest in this process.

Unit details

The course has 13 units that must be completed by the learner. Out of the 13 units, 09 are core units and the rest 04 are the elective units.

Core units


Elective units




Core Unit details

The details of core units are given below:

Unit Code

Unit description


containment and exclusion procedures


animal technology facility


Participate in workplace communications


Feed and water animals


1. Maintain animal health and well-being of animals.

2. Monitor animal health and wellbeing


Enrichment of animals.


breeding procedures


care of rodents and rabbits


workplace health and safety

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The learner will be exposed to real-time training and knowledge of the operations with animal technology. There would be two sets of the unit for a learner, core and the elective units. There is no choice for the learner in core units. A learner must complete and pass all the core units. However, a learner has the choice in selecting the elective units. There are further elective units. The details of the elective units can be collected from the official site of the page. Our services for the students are for the assignments that help them to complete this course with ease and with more knowledge. We have experts in all the subjects that can help students in various subjects related to the field of animal technology.

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