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About the course

The qualification course ACM30918- Certificate III in Equine Hoof Care generally reflects the major role for the practitioners that mainly undertake for the care of equine barefoot and it generally covers the hoof care, trimming hood, and the provision for the services that are mainly to assists in optimizing and getting an environmental as well as the nutritional requirements of equines that have ranges for varied contexts that could be either more complex and non-routine. To effectively get complete this qualification course the students must get require to complete at least work placement for 120 hours for the course that had been mentioned in as detail of Assessment Requirement for Coordinating day to day service operations of equine.

This course effectively studies the behavior of horses and understand the nature of the horse. While get completing this course the students would learn the skills that are needed to effectively and safely all the horses carefully during at the time of feeding, grooming, and properly exercising. So, those who have their main dream is to work with the animals can get continue with this course and can efficiently get enter the industries for animal care.

This course is the best for providing education in hoof care and the natural horse. To make a career as working with the horse effectively makes satisfying and while pursuing this one can surely satisfy their need regarding making a career in this field.

Requirements for the course

While taking admission for the desired course there is no entry requirement for this and also do not need for any requirement of the license, and legislative requirements in this course.

Rules for the course.

To effectively get complete the course the students there is a requirement for

  • 17 core units and
  • 5 elective units

The elective units for the desired course must ensure the integrity of the AQF Alignment qualification of Australia and must get contribute to the valid industry that majorly supports the effective vocational outcome.

Core Units of Course

Unit code

Title of unit


Handling all the horses safely.


Applying knowledge for the behavior of the horse.


Managing personal health as well as fitness while working with horses.


Equine trim for hooves.


Get selecting and fitting the hoof boots to meet the need for individual equine.


Applying knowledge for the musculoskeletal system of equine, and biomechanics and pathology for effective care for the hoof.


Coordinating all the day-to-day service operations for equine.


Determining for hoof care and hoof protection and planning for equines.


Get effectively communicating with the clients and also with the team members.


Carrying out all procedures and methods that are related to the basic care for the hoof.


Maintaining the workplace with safety


Get complying with the industry and the major requirements for animal welfare.

For the elective units, the students must select any 3 elective units that had been listed below the students can select 2 units from the list and the remaining 3 units can get endorsed by any Training packages or from any of the accredited courses.

Elective Units of Course

Unit code

Title of unit


Deterring the provision for nutritional needs for better health care of the horse.


Get using and maintaining the hand and the power tools for the activities related to hoof care.


Using the farriery techniques to properly get meeting with the special needs for equines.


Get accessing the suitability of the horses for specific use and purpose.


Following the biosecurity for equine and several effective procedures for controlling the infections.


Participating in the activities for environmentally sustainable work practices.


Maintain all the financial records and histories.


Organizing the finances related to the micro business.


Get complying with the regulatory, insurance as well as taxation that mainly having the major requirements for micro-occupational.


Get providing for the first aid


Providing the service of first aid in a remote situation.

Perquisites requirement for the course

Competency Unit

Requirement for Perquisite

ASMEQU202- Handling all horses safely.

ACMEQU205- Get applying of knowledge for the horse behavior

ACMHBR302- For effectively get carrying out the basic procedure for hoof care.

ACMEQU20- Handling all horses safely.

ACMHBR305- For accessing the suitability of horses for some specific uses and various other purposes.

So, while after completing this course the students would get to learn about handling the horses with safety, getting carried out all the procedures related to the hoof care very efficiently, properly maintain the financial records, and many more.

Scope and Job pathways for the students

After completing the course ACM30918- Certificate III in Equine Hoof Care the students would effectively get a certificate and they can make their career better in various effective areas and the job pathways for students after this course is

  • Horse Riding Assistant
  • Horse Breeding Assistant
  • Horse Trimmer
  • Stable Hand
  • Business manager for Equine

The students can effectively pursue all these job fields in the areas like Gardening, Animals& Environmental, and farming. The work type of the job would be manual and realistic.


The course ACM30918- Certificate III in Equine Hoof Care effectively provides a better opportunity to those who want to make their career in the field of understanding the nature and the behavior of the horse. While get working like as a horse trimmer, the students would not get a chance to examine the hoof of the horse but they can also get capable to effectively detect from the various bruises and they would also get learn about several approaches that are mainly for incorporating out the diet, environment, as well as the movement of the horse. The students would get properly trained in various fields like handling the horses with safety, getting carried out all the procedures related to the hoof care very efficiently, properly maintain the financial records, get determined with the various plans for the equines.

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