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Aerodynamics is the study of the motion of air and the forces exerted on bodies by the air. Aerodynamics is a very important field of study for engineers who design aircraft and spacecraft. It is also important for drivers who want to reduce air drag on their vehicles.

Aerodynamic forces can be divided into two categories: lift and drag. Lift is the force that keeps a aircraft or spacecraft in the air. Drag is the force that resists the forward motion of a vehicle. There are several factors that affect the aerodynamic forces on a body. The most important factors are the shape of the body, the speed of the air flow, and the density of the air.

The shape of a body affects the aerodynamic forces in two ways. The first way is the profile of the body. The profile is the shape of the body when seen from the side. The second way is the orientation of the body with respect to the air flow. The speed of the air flow affects the aerodynamic forces in two ways. The first way is the speed of the air flow over the body. The faster the air flow, the greater the aerodynamic force. The second way is the speed of the air flow through the body. The faster the air flow, the greater the drag.

The density of the air affects the aerodynamic forces in two ways. The first way is the density of the air over the body. The higher the density of the air, the greater the aerodynamic force. The second way is the density of the air through the body. The higher the density of the air, the greater the drag.

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Aerodynamics is the study of how air affects the movement of objects. It is a complex subject that can be difficult to understand without a lot of practice. If you are struggling with your aerodynamics assignment, our experts can help.

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