AHC21819 Certificate II in Protected Horticulture Assessment Answer

AHC21819 Certificate II in Protected Horticulture

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Horticulture and Irrigation agribusiness management is a two-year program whose major focus lies on the business part of the production of agricultural products and its trade internationally. It gives knowledge and learning on making sustainable decisions in the business and risk minimization when working in the sector of agriculture. To execute, control and monitor projects project execution planning is considered to be the governing document as a means. Firstly, the plan is served as the pillar for the communication process to make sure that each person is well aware and has the basic knowledge about the objectives of the project and how to accomplish them. The plan serves as the main agreement between the directors and headquarters which gives a preliminary plan and gets approval after going through the decision-making process. The mission and goals statements derive the project objectives which are assisted by an internal team who develops the project execution plan. The project execution plan is monitored and updated regularly according to the acts and regulations amendments. The management program focuses on system-wide business and other functions in management that are performed by the organizational structure throughout the sector of agriculture. The subject gives students a flexible environment to select courses relevant to particular candidate interests in food issues globally, marketing and commodity procurement, management of farming systems, labour, management of personnel, and public policy. The Conservation and Management of Land include trades and organizations that take part in the operation of nature reserves, national parks, indigenous areas in protection, reserves for council, Lands belongs to the commonwealth, Botanical gardens, and personal land for the preservation of flora and fauna in their natural environment. The business sector belonging to the sector of conservation and management of land gives support to the fishers and farmers across Australia at its best practices on achieving sustainable agriculture. The major focus lies on the expertise members of the management department of natural assets like water, soil, and green vegetation.

Landscaping is defined as an activity for the modification of visible characteristics of a land space that includes; living things such as birds, animals, and plants known as gardening. This domain is a combination of both science and art. People with horticulture ideas and knowledge who are familiar with the principles and elements of designing landscape, professional person can help in the transformation of the property. The architect in landscaping, designer, or any other contractor opts to work with self-will and guide through the entire procedure of landscaping. It utilizes active and nonlinear components included in electrical devices such as semiconductor devices; diodes and transistors, electronic circuits, and other systems. This field majorly designs passive components in electrical systems which are based on printed circuit boards. Electronics is also used in landscaping devices which is a further subdivided field in electrical engineering subject where it represents a wide engineering domain that covers and includes other subdivided fields like, digital electronics, analogue electronics, power electronics, consumer and embedded systems. It majorly deals with the implementation of principles, applications, and algorithms that is developed within different fields related to it such as, radio engineering, solid-state physics, computer engineering, robotics, signal processing, telecommunications, etc. To include electronic engineers the electrical engineer is still in use in academics. Power engineering is broadly used in an industry as a descriptor. In the recent time, there has been a wide growth of new broad entries of different courses for the degree such as, communication systems engineering and systems engineering, which is often followed by different departments in academic curriculum that is typical than not considered as subdivided fields of electronics engineering but of engineering in the electrical subject. In the period of a different phase of life, systems, equipment, and explosive containing systems mandatorily require different safety levels. Health and well-being of the employees: the employees are considered to be the foremost asset of an organization to ensure their health benefits and wellness it is important to provide a healthy and disease-free environment at the workplace. There have to be immediate medical facilities along with medical insurance policy. Apart from physical well-being, you should also focus on the mental and emotional well-being of an employee to ensure this appropriate cell should be provided with good psychologists who can assist and give the best help and treatments to the employees. Occupational hazards: safety regulations are given for the safe functioning environment for the employees. Any type of sudden injury and mishap can be solved by the availability of an urgent first id box and other washing facilities. Other incidents include slips and falls which will require washing and cleaning these facilities should be available at the workplace. The implementation of new policies and processes and equipment's at the workplace to limit and control the risk exposure. The impact on the environment: Concerning the changing of climatic conditions worldwide organizations are putting their effort to cause less damage to the environment with minimal activities impacting the environment. Ways in which organizations can cause less damage to the environment are using low carbon technologies. Despite travelling to different locations for attending meetings the employees can use the online platform to hold and attend such sessions. Natural calamities and disasters: Organization must be prepared for any type of unpredictable risks which includes any type of natural disaster. The team should work together and corporate security and recovery teams to find and develop any kind of emergency ready plan which can be implemented in the situation.

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We are offering students with the concepts and strategies in Horticulture and introduce you to the regulatory framework which includes the process of creating execution plans and how it is communicated. We will take you through practical knowledge and skills which are important for strategic analysis and implementing plans for better management. We will develop an understanding of the different techniques involved in creating these plans and types of analysis and reporting. The units provided in the course will make you understand the basic concepts related to project management and how it is implemented and run, what are the acts and regulations behind it.

Description of the course

The given course covers all the designing and evaluating of electronics equipment and systems, management and assessment part of the risk which is associated with hazardous design, areas and evaluate the potency and protection aspects of the environment and horticulture systems, providing with protection technical advice and installations related to protection from pests. The qualification also includes the validation, designing, evaluation, and management of risk, project and it provides technical advice. It includes the development of ethical and responsible application of gardening, agricultural practices, moral science, behavioural science, standards, and codes of practice, and financial resources in horticulture. The core subjects included in the qualification meet the prescribed needs for the engineering associate membership of engineering in Australia. There is no such licensing, legislation, or certification requirement to the respective qualification.

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