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Beekeeping or apiculture is the activities that are associated with the bees. As the name suggests, it includes the storage of the bees under the man-made hives for the production of honey and other by-products. Honey is purely originated from the hard work of the bees. There are different types of bees but majorly honey bees are kept for marketing purposes. There is a particular set of clothing and machinery is required for carrying out the process of honey production. It is possible to produce honey from natural hives but the location of such hives is hard to acquire. Therefore, man-made hives are being made for the production of honey. Honey is one of the significant ingredients and is also a cooking plus therapeutic ingredient. The value of honey is always moderate in the market. The honey is produced by stingless bees. The by-product of honey is honey wax, propolis, flower pollen, bee pollen, jelly and many more. The bees are kept in the bees yard or the apiary. The rat of the beekeeping is very old and has started around 9000 years old and from the tome, methods ad techniques have continuously evolved. Bees are being petted in the Egyptian style and the honey is taken out by the use of smoke and the hives.

There are two types of hives that are widely used in the production of honey and other products which is mainly used for profit. A fixed honeycomb is used by the underdeveloped and poor countries that are deprived of the sources. The fixed honeycomb used a different traditional method which takes a longer duration of time. And the only main task is to get honey. And the urban city and the countryside villages use the movable hives because they are easy to use and the process of honey production becomes a lot easier. The duration in the movable hives becomes less. Fixed comb is not in much use because of industrialization. Beekeeping is one of the significant types of livelihoods for the people and other communities that live in poor countries. An organization that has generally produce honey and other by-products for profit. And the community that carries out the honey production for livelihood has around 25-30 hives. The company produces around 200-300litre of honey from the hives. They sell honey, beeswax, and other bee products. Commercial beekeeping sells a huge amount of honey and transports it to various places for selling it. It was recorded that the United States produced around 41.3 million pounds of honey. In 2016, the top 5 production of honey is the North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, and other cities of the United States. Honey is consumed by every region of the world and its demand is continuously increasing. The modern method involves in the production of the honey is the top bar hives, vertical stackable hives, and protective clothing. The equipment and another requirement which is used to set up the hives is quite moderate and the top bar hives are advantageous to the people in the production of the honey. Such type of honeycomb is generally adopted by Africa and its countries. They are very light in weight, adaptable, easy to use and they tend to harmless to both the commodities like the human and bees. Another type of honeycomb that is used in harvesting is the vertically stackable hives. They can be in the form of hanging or can be used by stacking one over the under. Protective clothing is another important aspect of the harvest of bees/ honey. Protective clothing helps the individual to get protection from the bees with sting because, at the time of collection of honey, bees and tons of the bees tend to get around the individual. Therefore, to offer protection against the painful stings, individuals wear a set of clothes which includes gloves, a face mask, a hat with a net, and a suit that is fully covered. A smoker is another device that is used at the time of honey collection. The smoke is tended to calm the bees which helps the individual to provide more protection.


Honey is used widely across the nation. It has dozens of many in the therapeutic region and also it adds a different sweet taste to the cooking. It is a natural form of sugar that is easy to digest and does not constitute the formation of fat. The course is effective in providing techniques and methods involved in beekeeping. Before moving on to the methods, it is necessary to have proper knowledge about different traditions and types of bees that gives a large amount of honey. Formal education and practical techniques are involved in the course. The course is very effective in teaching different techniques to the student, Students who are looking for manual work in the field of bee yard can join this course. Beekeeping is one of the stable professions as the requirement of honey never goes down due to its effective uses. And the industry requires manual labour who can perform the various method involve in beekeeping. According to the previous interview, it has been noted that this course had the greatest number of campus placements and every other student was satisfied by the qualification provided. The salary involves in this is pretty high and there are additive incentives and other various benefits are involved.


The qualification provides the skill regarding keeping the APIs and the storage of the honeycomb. There are particular tricks and sills are being given about the establishment of the beehive. There is much other responsibility that one needs to depict as the beekeeper such as transportation of the bee comb, management of the bees, collection of the honey, honey production ns pollination services. There is no need for extra documentation for admission to this course. And regulations and norms should be followed and do not include any illegal practices while the production of the bees. Candidates from another territory might need a different license and documentation at the time of admission.

There is a total of 18 units. Out of which, 12 units would provide compulsory education and the 5 are elective courses. The qualification of the course will be regulated by the Australian Qualification framework.

The units are as follows.




Open and reassemble the beehives


Preparation and the usage of the smoker


Assemble the stacks of the hives and maintains of the bee


Management of the honey bee swarms


Honey bee colony


Removing the honey crop


Transportation of the new hives by the road


Collection of the honey


Production of the royal jelly


Trap and store for the process of pollination

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