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Do you face difficulty in citing the books and articles in AMA referencing style? Are you getting lower grades due to this? don't worry! We, Assignment Hippo, are there to help you with your assignments. AMA referencing generator is of great help in citing the sources themselves, but to be effective, learn basics of it yourself. In-text referencing is important to increase the research capability and for removing plagiarism. Appropriate referencing in your assignments helps fetch you good remarks. So what are you waiting for? Come and learn with AMA referencing guide.

How to do AMA In-text Citations as per AMA Referencing Guide?

AMA citation and referencing style is based on Arabic numerals and superscript (1, 2, 3, ), etc. It shows that there is a close connection between in-text citations and references. Numbers must be placed with due care after any fact or quotation mentioned by you. If you refer a specific source more than one time, the same numeral is used which you have used for the first time.


With one author:

While citing a book, the main elements that are required initially include numbers, name of authors, title, edition number (if required), city/state of publication, name of the publishing company and the year. Example 1) Davidson LO. Losing Control. Needham, MA: Allyn and Bacon; 2014.

With up to six authors:

3) Madjers LK, Sallivan BU, Davidson LO. Brain's Capabilities. Newbury Park, CA: Sage; 2003.

With more than six authors:

The full names of the authors are not listed if there are more than six authors. Instead “et al” is used.


The main elements of journal or online articles include the author's name, article's title, journal name, year of publication, volume, issue and page range. Example: Bosse FL, Morgan SK. The psychological impact of CSA trauma on survivors. Y Inter Studies. 2016; 14(6): 301-305.

Join us to know whether to mention page number in AMA referencing style or not. Learn where to mention the numeral in while citing the books with one or more authors AMA referencing style.

Isn't it interesting that you can site the organization as an author in AMA citation and referencing? Do you know that there is a procedure to cite the article whose author's name is not provided to you? AMA referencing generator will help in knowing the interesting facts about it.

What are the problems faced by students in using the AMA referencing style?

  • Time constraint: Medical assignments are lengthy and time-consuming. The reasons include the need to research a large number of articles, evaluating articles and books and finally selecting the best articles. They spend so much time searching the articles that they are left with very little time to complete their assignment.
  • Long and complicated: Every referencing style has its own rules and it is difficult to learn different rules concerning different referencing styles. Students dislike referencing work after completing the assignment because the chances of mistakes are quite high.
  • No idea about what to cite and what not to cite: Some students struggle in knowing what to cite and what not to.

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