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Animal Biotechnology Homework Help

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What is Animal Biotechnology?

Animal Biotechnology is a crucial branch of biotechnology that deals with employing molecular biology practices for engineering animals genetically to boost their aptness in industrial, agricultural, and pharmaceutical applications. An effective application of animal biotechnology helps in synthesizing therapeutic proteins, and an excellent resistant to dreadful diseases.

It is the science and engineering used for modifying the living organism and developing microorganisms for various agricultural and commercial uses. The creation of transgenic animal uses of somatic cell nuclear transfer technology for developing identical animals is a common example of animal biotechnology.

Technologies Involved in Animal Biotechnology

Our animal biotechnology homework help USA thoroughly describes the technologies involved in animal biotechnology to grasp the concepts without difficulty.

Animal biotechnology revolves around genetic engineering and mostly utilizes transgenics, cloning, and even gene knock-out technology for remarkable endeavors in the biotechnology sphere.


Transgenics is all about the movement of a specific gene from one organism to another, and it is also known as recombinant DNA technology. It primarily introduces a fresh gene from another organism into another organism's genome intending to access new characteristics.

The transgenic or recombinant DNA technology instigates the process either by combining DNA from different genomes or inserting a foreign DNA into that genome. The foreign DNA can be from the same genus or even completely unrelated. The technology is suitable for insects, worms, and even vertebrates, and the most used animal for this technology is the mouse for producing transgenic mice.

The transgenic technique in animal biotechnology features several goals, such as accessing the function of a gene, analyzing the defects of a mutated gene, and coming up with beneficial agricultural & pharmaceutical products for human beings well-being.

Scientists use various ways to implement the transgenic technique such as microinjection. It is the process of injecting transgene into the nucleus and inserted into the host genome. Microinjection is one of the deep-rooted methods of transgenesis that started in 1981.

The Steps Involved in the Transgenesis Process as Follows

  • Identification

  • Isolation

  • Transformation

The first transgenic animal is the mice created by Rudolf Jaenisch, a biology professor at MIT in 1974.


Cloning is the process of developing a genetically identical replica of a cell or even an organism. To simplify it is the duplication of any kind of biological substances, the scientists use the cloning techniques for developing multiple versions of similar mammals, including the transgenic, genetically advanced, and other animals with a desirable characteristic. Hence cloning is suitable for breeds like rats, cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses. The first cloned animal is a sheep named Dolly, which was cloned in 1996.

Types of Cloning Discussed in our Animal Biotechnology Homework Help

Reproductive Cloning

the Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer is the outset of reproductive cloning; in this, the scientists eliminate the nucleus from the egg cell and replace the same with another nucleus from the donor cell. There are mainly two ways of adding DNA in; first, the scientists remove the nucleus from the somatic cell using a needle and inject the same into the empty egg. On the other hand, they use electrical currents for merging the somatic cell right within the empty egg.

The primary aim of both the process is to allow the egg to grow into an early-stage embryo so that it can be transferred into a female animal womb effectively. With the course of the time, the female gives birth to an animal with identical genetics, known as a cloned animal.

Therapeutic Cloning

Therapeutic cloning is all about extracting stem cells from the cloned embryos rather than implanting them in the womb. It is used for developing various tissues to replace them with the injured ones. So, therapeutic cloning is more about experiments and research.

Apart from transgenesis and cloning, the scientists involved in animal biotechnology use gene knock-out technology, which helps them remove a specific gene and provides a potential way for the replacement of human organs.

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Sample Assignment on Animal Biotechnology

Here is a sample assignment carried out by our experts enlightening the strategies for boosting the milk fat content in dairy grazing system.

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