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APA Referencing is one of the types of reference that is used for a citation. Referencing is a very important aspect of writing.  To begin with the citation. A citation is a way of giving information regarding the source to the readers. While writing a research or article a good writer will search and gather useful information to quote inside a text. A citation contains the following information about the source like Author’s information, Work title, Publisher, and publishing company name with the location, Date, Page numbers, DOI, URL of the website. Different pieces of sources are available like articles, journals, websites. Using information from all these sources and citing them using the particular format is a citation.

There are two different types of citation,

  • In text-citation: the information that is included after the information from the source is quoted.
  • Text citation: the reference that is given at the end of the document. 

 The importance of Citation in the work

It makes research more emphasized and also proves that work is done on the same. A writer has invested much of his time to provide good research. Another benefit of citation is that it gives the reader the information from where information is quoted. The purpose of citation is to give credit to the writer or owner of the words, without a copy, pasting the content. Plagiarism is a crime that a writer should not commit. There are strict laws for this in the countries. But besides removing the plagiarism there are several advantages of citations.

  • A reader would get information regarding the source of ideas.
  • To segregate between the original and the researched information.
  • The amount of research is shown through writing citations. A reader gets a complete idea that the writer has invested time and effort in writing.
  • It also provides strength to work. It provides a strong foundation for the writer’s words.

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Types of Citation

  • APA STYLE: American Psychological Association is a style of referencing and citation. This style includes the name of the author, date of publishing, the title of the work.
  • MLA STYLE: Modern Language Association is a style of referencing that is for subjects like arts and humanities. Most commonly is used in countries like the USA.
  • HARVARD STYLE: This type of referencing also includes name date title and publishing information similar to that of APA style.
  • CHICAGO STYLE: This style is used in the subjects like History, Philosophy, fine arts. This style of referencing includes information like that of name, place, date, publishing information, location.

APA Style

APA (American Psychological Association) is one of the types of referencing style that is used to cite the source in the format. The referencing style method is called the author-date method. This is so because the in-text citation of the method has these two pieces of information. This method of citation is similar to that of Harvard Referencing. This type of referencing uses only the surname or the last name of the author. The text-citation of the method has the following information:

  • Last name of the author
  • Initial of the author
  • Year of publication
  • Page number
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Edition
  • Publisher
  • Location

The style of referencing is updated from time to time. As per the need and for the precise information. The changes in the format usually happen and are implemented. Many updates had been implemented to the style of referencing like:

  • If the source has many authors then the surname of the first author along with et.al will be written.
  • In the reference list, all the names will be mentioned up to 20 names.
  • Place of publication will not be a part of the format as per the new rule.
  • Provide the information of the journal with parenthesis.
  • Mention Retrieved From in the reference list.

The in-text citation for the book Hard Times which was written by Charles Dickens in 1854 and published by engaging books in 2020 again would be, (Dickens,2020).

The text citation for the same would be

Dickens, C., 2020. Hard Times. [S.l.]: Engage Books (eBOUND).

In some places, the page number is also included in the in-text citation to make it more precise. For example, the in-text citation for the particular page number in the novel Hard Times by Charles Dickens would be (Dickens,2020, p.40). This citation will make the reader clear that the source is the novel by Charles dickens which is published in 2020 and the idea is taken from page number 40 of that book.

A single alphabet p is used for a single page. While if the writer wants to quote more than one page then it would be written like (pp.40-45)

APA Referencing style

The format for the APA Referencing for the BOOK will be

format for the APA Referencing for the BOOK
  • Author’s last name
  • Initial letter of the first name
  • Year
  • Title of Book
  • Location of the publisher
  • Name of the Publisher

For citing a particular chapter of the book adds the title of the chapter before the title of the book. For the E-Books add DOI and ‘Retrieved from’ after the title.

The format for the journal citation in APA referencing:

format for the journal citation in APA referencing
  • Author’s last name
  • Initial letter of the first name
  • Year
  • Title of article
  • Name of the Journal
  • Periodical title
  • Volume

For the online journal or the E-journal add DOI and retrieved from the source, along with all the information.

APA referencing online journal

The sources that are taken from the website has the following format for APA Referencing

APA referencing website
  • The last name of the author
  • Initial of the first name
  • Year
  • Title of the webpage/ article
  • Title of the website
  • URL

The information that is taken from the newspaper has the following format for the APA Referencing

APA referencing newspaper
  • The last name of the author
  • Initial of the first name
  • Year
  • Title of the article
  • Title of the newspaper
  • Page number

When information is taken from a source it is important to give credit to the writer of the source. This is all about the APA referencing style. There are many tools available online that can be used to create the reference style. But all this can be created manually too. Many websites can help the scholar to cite a particular in a given manner of referencing and citing the sources. For a scholar, it is a must to cite a source for good research and report.