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If you are a computer science student or just an engineering major who is enrolled in a programming course, then you must have understood by now that programming is a no joke. In the first few classes, you learn about data types and their uses in the language. Then, you get on to learn about variables. Until you hit arrays and loops, it feels like Computer Science is doable, but when you do encounter arrays and loops in your curriculum, your life never stays the same again. It feels difficult to digest the concept at first and then before you even get to understand it properly, you get bombarded with loads and loads of assignments.

“Life is just like an array. You get to start with Zero, and you stay stuck in the loop until your last breath. Once You exit the loop, you never come back, just like you exit a block of an array”

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Let’s Explore Arrays & Understand They are

Fundamentally, an Array can be understood as a Data structure that stores data in contiguous blocks of memory or it can be understood that it stores data sequentially, one after the other. Thus, the address of the next element in the array is always at the next memory address to the current item block. Hence, one can iterate through an array while iterating through incremental places or addresses in the memory. In languages like C and C++, an array is primarily used to store data, but sometimes, arrays can also be used to store addresses of different variables. The lowest or the starting index of an array is Zero and not One. The highest index in an array is its ending point; the lowest can be understood as its starting point.

Arrays in C++

An array can be declared in C language by following the following procedure that includes specifying the types of elements that should be stored in an array and the size of an array.

Type Name of Array [SizeofArray]

Above, we defined a single-dimensional array, that contains a single row of contiguous values. Similarly, 2-dimensional arrays can also be defined that can be considered analogous to tables.

For example, if we wanted to declare an array with 4 elements in it of the type Integer, we could write:

Int TestArray[4];

Here “Int” is the data type and TestArray is the name of the array

Arrays in PHP:

Conceptually, the array in PHP is the same as an array in any other language. It is still a sequential collection of values.

This is how you create an array in PHP:

$ defines that a new line has begun. Cars represent the name of the array and the “array keyword” is a constructor call to the base classes or functions in the PHP language to create an array. “Array” in PHP is a keyword.

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The applications of Arrays mentioned below have been explained by the experts in layman’s terms so that everyone could understand them. Keep reading further.

Applications of Array

Stack Architecture: Stack Data Structure is the most common application of the one-dimensional array. The stack can be understood as a linear structure that aims to follow a particular order named LIFO while doing the operations. LIFO stands for Last In First Out.

There are 3 primary operations that are executed by a stack:

Push: This is the operation used to add the items in the stack. No more items can be accommodated in the stack if the stack is already full. This condition is also known as an overflow condition.

Push: Like Push, operations are used to insert elements on the top of the stack, the pop operation is used to remove elements from the top of the stack in the Last in First out order. Like overflow, there is also a condition named underflow for when the stack is empty.

IsEmpty: This operation returns true if the stack is empty, or the top is at -1 index, otherwise, IsEmpty returns false.

The Array As a Queue

Just like a stack, the queue is also an implementation of an array. However, in this type of data structure, insertion and deletion happen from the two different ends, unlike stack. This process of insertion and deletion makes the queue a little bit more complex to understand than the stack.

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