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Assembly Language Assignment Help

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Assembly Language is also known as the low-level programming language. Assembly language is quickly becoming extinct. However, it still has wide academic applications. Assembly language is a group of languages for microprocessors and other programming devices. It is a low-level programming language. Machine code, which is required to program a specific CPU design or architecture can be symbolically implemented by assembly language. 2GL is often used synonymously with Assembly code or Assembly language.

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Assembly Language Explained by Assembly Language Assignment Help Experts

In computer programming, assembly language (or assembler language) is any low-level programming language in which there is a very strong correspondence between the instructions in the language and the architecture's machine code instructions. Because assembly depends on the machine code instructions, every assembly language is designed for exactly one specific computer architecture. Assembly language may also be called symbolic machine code.

The term "assembler" is generally attributed to Wilkes, Wheeler,  and Gill in their 1951 book The preparation of programs for an electronic digital computer, who, however, used the term to mean "a program that assembles another program consisting of several sections into a single program".

Key Concepts:-

  • Assembler:- An assembler program creates object code by translating combinations of mnemonics and syntax for operations and addressing modes into their numerical equivalents. This representation typically includes an operation code ("opcode") as well as other control bits and data. The use of symbolic references is a key feature of assemblers, saving tedious calculations and manual address updates after program modifications. Most assemblers also include macro facilities for performing textual substitution – e.g., to generate common short sequences of instructions as inline, instead of called subroutines.

Number of passes:-

  • There are two types of assemblers based on how many passes through the source are needed (how many times the assembler reads the source) to produce the object file.
  • One-pass assemblers go through the source code once. Any symbol used before it is defined will require "errata" at the end of the object code (or, at least, no earlier than the point where the symbol is defined) telling the linker or the loader to "go back" and overwrite a placeholder which had been left where the as yet undefined symbol was used.
  • Multi-pass assemblers create a table with all symbols and their values in the first passes, then use the table in later passes to generate code.

In both cases, the assembler must be able to determine the size of each instruction on the initial passes to calculate the addresses of subsequent symbols. This means that if the size of an operation referring to an operand defined later depends on the type or distance of the operand, the assembler will make a pessimistic estimate when first encountering the operation, and if necessary, pad it with one or more "no-operation" instructions in a later pass or the errata.

Advantages of Assembly Language:-

Having an understanding of assembly language makes one aware of –

  • How programs interface with OS, processor, and BIOS;
  • How data is represented in memory and other external devices;
  • How the processor accesses and executes instruction;
  • How instructions to access and process data;
  • How a program accesses external devices.

Other advantages of using assembly language are –

  • It requires less memory and execution time;
  • It allows hardware-specific complex jobs more quickly;
  • It is suitable for time-critical jobs;

It is most suitable for writing interrupt service routines and other memory resident programs.

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