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An Overview on Asset Management

Asset management is a systematic way of managing assets through financial instruments to escalate the invested assets. It guarantees the intangible and tangible assets for the best use. The asset managers perform intensive research, follow market trends and analyse the market condition statistically and determine the best investments for their clients. Simply put, asset management is one of the effective forms of wealth generation ad it manages, organizes, and maximizes the value of your holding effectively. Still confused, avail of our asset management assignment help and clear your doubts with ease.

With successful deployment, asset management benefits the stakeholders and employees to predict and manage the effective asset life cycle. The asset life cycle includes key aspects like managing the assets, taking beneficial purchase decisions, conducting timely maintenance plans & scanning of elementary items, accumulating crucial data, and inventory management. By going through our asset management assignment sample, you can gather more insight into asset management and its objectives.

Types of Asset Management

Asset management can be categorized into

Financial Asset Management

Financial asset management is all about regulating all the financial assets, hedge funds, and all the clients investment accounts by the fund managers.

Enterprise Asset Management

The category of enterprise asset management manages all the fixed assets and fund operation & maintenance.

Infrastructure Asset Management

Infrastructure asset management deals with the infrastructures like waterways, roads, and bridges effectively.

IT Asset Management

IT asset management manages all the software and hardware assets of a business.

Fixed Asset Management

The practice of managing all the physical assets of a company comes under fixed asset management.

Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management is the creative way of managing all the digital assets such as files, spreadsheets of a company. It gathers and stores all the necessary assets effectively for further uses.

Real-estate Asset Management

Employing the real-estate asset management technique, the asset managers help investors like you invest your money in lucrative real-estate properties.

Working Methodologies of an Asset Management Company for Managing Funds

The asset management company is responsible for making the best decision on behalf of you when you invest with them. The companies employ a fund manager who invests your money following a set of definite methodologies or practices.

Asset Allocation

Every mutual fund or even other types of investment features a specific financial objective. That helps the fund managers allocate you the assets by deciding the type of investment. Asset allocation is the first step for you to generate an investment portfolio.

Research & Analysis

Creating a strong portfolio requires a lot of research and analysis of the asset performance. The professionals explore the market trends, study micro and macro-economic features, and the performance of funds. Finally, the fund manager collects all the data from them and makes the best decision for investment to make better and profitable returns for you.

Portfolio Building

After extensive research and analysis, the fund manager also collects the market trends from the analysts, and following their prospects and objectives, he picks the securities for you for a buy or sells a call.

Performance Review

The asset management companies should offer the necessary information to their investors and unitholders regarding the upcoming impacts and updates on the sales and buys, portfolio details, and NAV regularly. All such information will help them justify their investment decision.

FAQs on Asset Management

Why is Asset Management important?

Businesses that invest in asset management witness many benefits, such as an efficient asset management system that ensures streamlined data through real-time asset tracking and reassures accountability. Tracking and managing your assets with effective asset management helps in overcoming potential difficulties like data inaccuracy. Moreover, with an easy tracking option, there is a minimal chance of miscommunication or lack of coordination irrespective of different locations.

What are the key responsibilities of asset managers?

The key responsibilities of asset managers include:

  • Determining the type of investment for their investors.
  • Advising them on the type of products such as equity, commodities.
  • Fixed income.
  • Mutual funds.

They also perform countless research and analysis of the market trends and performance using different analytical tools to help their client achieve their specified goals.

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