CPCCBC5003A Construction Project Planning

Assessment Task: 2

Assessment Title: Major project – Construction Project Planning (Group Work)

Qualification code: CPC50210
Qualification title: Building And Construction
Unit code: CPCCBC5003A CPC 50105
Unit title: Supervise The Planning Of On-site Medium Rise Building Or Construction Work

Task instructions:

Your supervisor will now select the construction teams.

Following on from assessment task 1, a selection process will review all the project options and select the most appropriate project based on the team’s experience. The team will continue its research and planning the selected project to establish an effective construction program and contractual arrangements.

Part B

  1. 1. Planning and scheduling site works
    1. Removal of existing services planned for across all phases of the project.
      1. Demolition phase
      2. New construction phase
  2. Construction sequence
    1. Schedule of construction in the form of a Gantt chart to show critical phases
    2. Strategies for overcoming project delays
    3. Critical path diagram established
  3. Temporary structures and services Following on from assessment task 2, show the location of all temporary site services and structures on a site plan and the access to these services to run the construction project.
  4. Plant requirements
    1. What plant and equipment will be used on this site?
    2. Plan for access issues associated with plant / equipment chosen
    3. On your site plan locate the plant and equipment and plan for their installation or use.
    4. Compliance issues for plant with relevant authorities.
    5. Procedures for the health and safety of workers with regards to plant and equipment
    6. Procedures for hiring or purchasing of plant and relevant arrangements to manage payments and monitor losses.
  5. Construction operations
    1. What systems you have to record materials entering and leaving the site.
    2. OHS procedures for all site personnel
    3. What risk management techniques will be applied to this project?
  6. Communication strategies. Discuss the communication strategies with the subcontractors and the importance of the following
    1. i. Induction
    2. ii. Toolbox meeting
    3. iii. Safety walks
    4. iv. Site diaries
  7. OHS regulations Procedures and strategies to comply with OHS regulations including
    1. Emergency response
    2. Hazard and risk management
    3. Accident reporting
    4. Return to work

Criteria for Assessment

  1. Planning and scheduling site works
  2. Removal of existing services
  3. Demolition phase
  4. New construction phase
  5. Construction sequence
  6. Gantt chart to show critical phases
  7. Overcoming project delays
  8. Temporary structures and services
  9. Plant requirements
  10. Access issues associated with plant / equipment chosen
  11. Site plan locating plant and equipment
  12. Compliance issues for plant with relevant authorities.
  13. Plant and equipment OHS
  14. Hiring or purchasing of plant
  15. What systems you have to record materials entering and leaving the site.
  16. OHS procedures for all site personnel
  17. Risk management techniques
  18. Communication strategies.
  19. Induction
  20. Toolbox meeting
  21. Safety walks
  22. Site diaries
  23. OHS regulations
  24. Emergency response
  25. Hazard and risk management
  26. Accident reporting
  27. Return to work
  28. Content and length indicates appropriate depth of research and learning:
  29. Clearly followed instructions set out in Section D – Conditions for assessment.

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