CPCCBC5011A Manage Environmental Management Practices And Processes In Building And Construction

Assessment Task: 2

Assessment Title: Develop and Implement an Environmental Management Plan

Student Version: Report, Project, Portfolio

Student information

Student name:

Student ID:

Section A – Program/Course details

Qualification code:


Qualification title:

Building And Construction

Unit code:


CPC 50097

Unit title:

Manage Environmental Management Practices And Processes In Building And Construction

Section B – Assessment task details

Assessment number:




Assessment task results:

This assessment task will be marked as:

Ungraded result: Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory

Other (eg points): Graded

Section C – Instructions to students

Task instructions:

You are to identify an old brewery in Collingwood. The Yorkshire brewery (14-21 Robert street Collingwood).

Your task is to demolish and clean the site in preparation for the development of a high rise apartment block, while retaining the heritage buildings on the site. The site has various heritage buildings on the site which need to be decontaminated, cleaned of all graffiti and retained.

Your company has been awarded the task of providing a report on the management of the environmental practices that should be put in place.

Your report should include but not be restricted to the following:

Part 1.

  1. The company policy regarding the environment.
  2. Identification of relevant stakeholders and discuss how they are involved in the project. .
  3. Identify possible environmental issues and suggest possible procedures and processes to manage them.
  4. Meeting statutory requirement such as the planning schemes.

Part 2.

With the information gathered, develop an environmental management plan, based upon the ISO14000 series or Environmental Guidelines for Major Construction Sites by EPA Victoria Publications

Section D – Conditions for assessment


General instructions:

  1. This is an individual assessment.
  2. This Assessment Task is to be presented in a professional report format as set out in the report template provided.
  3. Assessment task submissions shall only be accepted when uploaded onto the Brightspace portal. NO submissions will be accepted via Email.
  4. Upload a word Docx copy of the CRS170/CRS174/176/180 whichever is applicable onto Brightspace, complete the form as directed by your teacher. THIS IS MANDATORY.
  5. In a Word doc format (not in Pages Format) of the Assessment Task, dated with the unit code and title and Assessment Task number.
  6. A Pdf format of the report is also to be uploaded.
  7. Definitely NO Zip files, Text files or WPS files as these formats clash with Brightspace and will not open for marking.
  8. File labelling convention yymmdd unit code Student name assessment task No.
  9. Every task must be completed satisfactorily for competence to be achieved.
    *Competence must be achieved before grades are allocated.
  10. Students must meet all criteria listed in the marking guide to be deemed satisfactory in this task.
  11. Students may resubmit this task if deemed not successful within the current enrolment period as per Holmesglen conducting assessment procedure.
  12. Work that is re-submitted will be resulted as a PX if deemed competent.
  13. Reasonable adjustment
    1. Reasonable adjustment is an individualised modification made to the training delivery or assessment methods to enable a student with specific needs to access and participate. Reasonable adjustment may include changed assessment conditions, flexibility in assessments, other academic support, provision of adaptive equipment and in class support.
    2. Reasonable adjustment is applied within the start date and end date for the subject/unit being undertaken.
  14. Submitted work MUST achieve an acceptable Turn It in Score
  15. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure submitted work returns an acceptable Turn It In score in line with Holmesglen’s plagiarism policy.
  16. Work MUST be submitted by the due date.
  17. Work submitted after the due date will be resulted as a PX.
  18. Deferred assessment
    1. An Application for Deferred Assessment can only be made if the assessment task has not been completed by the due date.
    2. If the assessment task has been completed, an APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL CONSIDERATION must be made.
  19. No work will be accepted after the end date of the course.

Equipment/resources students must supply:

Equipment/resources to be provided by the RTO:

  • Personal Computer
  • Windows
  • Microsoft office suite
  • Internet.
  • Brightspace,
  • Learner Resources
  • Notepad for activities
  • Pen
  • WIfi
  • Internet
  • Class room
  • Desk and Chair
  • Personal Computer,
  • Windows
  • Microsoft office suite
  • Completed CRS170/CRS174/176/180 whichever is applicable.
  • Access to Holmesglen assessment policies and procedures.
  • Access to Brightspace
  • 240v GPO
  • Safe training & assessment environment

Section E – Marking Guide

Assessment number:


Assessment title:

Develop and implement an environmental management plan

Student ID:


Student name:

Student name.

Unit code:


Unit title:

Manage Environmental Management Practices And Processes In Building And Construction


Click here to enter a date.

Criteria for assessment





The following has been submitted for assessment:

Students should use the template as a guide on how the report is to be formatted for this unit of study. At a minimum the following should be included in the report.

  • Title page.
    • Title page Tick different front page in Header & footer design.
  • Table of Contents
    • Formatting of the heading will make the table of contents work correctly.
    • Right click the table of contents to update the headings and page numbering.
  • Table of Figures
    • Label the Figure with a description
    • Captions on any tables or graphics to label what they are. These are the (Figures).
    • Add a Citation.
  • Introduction
    • Can be divided into:
    • Aim
    • Purpose
    • Scope
    • Methodology
    • Background
  • Body of the report
    • Headings
      • Should be numbered.
      • Sub-headings
        • Create multi-level list to organise in a Hierarchical order.
  • Conclusion
    • Summary of main points and findings from the body of the report.
    • Clear connection between the content of the introduction and conclusion.
  • Appendix
  • Bibliography
    • Multiple sources of reference should be used.
    • (Harvard format) (look on YouTube, How to do a Bibliography in word).
  • Citations
    • Citations showing where the information was sourced, this provides credibility to the information contained in the report.
    • On the figures to acknowledge copyright.
  • Include pictures and diagrams to assist the reader understanding the topic.
  • Spell check and grammar check.
  • Hierarchic fonts & text weights consistent on all sheets
    • Font size 11
  • Headers
    • Unit Code & title
  • Footers
  • Student Name & Student ID
  • Page numbering

Click here to enter text.

Upload the CRS176 form as a separate document onto Brightspace, THIS IS MANDATORY.

Click here to enter text.

Marking criteria for each product document/s supplied.


Company policy

Click here to enter text.



Click here to enter text.


Possible environmental issues

Click here to enter text.


Statutory Requirement

Click here to enter text.


Pre-construction planning and design

Click here to enter text.


Environmental assessment

Click here to enter text.



Click here to enter text.


Environment management plan

Click here to enter text.


Land disturbance

Click here to enter text.



Click here to enter text.


Management of contaminated stormwater

Click here to enter text.


Designing erosion and sediment control devices

Click here to enter text.


De-watering work sites

Click here to enter text.


Dust control

Click here to enter text.


Management of stockpiles and batters

Click here to enter text.


Noise and vibration

Click here to enter text.


Operating hours

Click here to enter text.


Vehicles and equipment

Click here to enter text.



Click here to enter text.



Click here to enter text.


Waste minimisation

Click here to enter text.


Contaminated material and wastes

Click here to enter text.


Solid inert wastes

Click here to enter text.


Putrescible wastes

Click here to enter text.


Low-level contaminated soil

Click here to enter text.


Prescribed wastes

Click here to enter text.


Emergency procedures

Click here to enter text.


Air quality

Click here to enter text.



Click here to enter text.


Storage of chemicals and fuel

Click here to enter text.


Road cleaning

Click here to enter text.


Protecting infrastructure

Click here to enter text.


Inspections, monitoring and audits

Click here to enter text.


Content and length indicates appropriate depth of research and learning:

Click here to enter text.


Clearly followed instructions set out in Section D – Conditions for assessment.

Click here to enter text.

Section F – Feedback to Student

Has the student successfully completed this assessment task?



Additional Assessor comments (as appropriate):

Resubmission allowed:

Yes ☐

No ☐

Resubmission due date:

Click here to enter a date.

Assessor name:

Choose an item.

Assessor signature:

Choose an item.


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