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Australia has one of the well-developed education systems in the world and it has vibrant universities that attract a lot of students from all around the world. It offers universities, technical institutes, vocational and training colleges which provides diploma as well. Getting into your dream college is tough and life during college days can become challenging and perplexed as Australia's life is very demanding. The lifestyle is quite expensive in Australia which makes the students work harder, attend college, and performing all the necessary duties. This is a road to get independent but doing assignments and extracurricular activities can become way too hectic. And to complete those lessons and assignments provided by the teachers can become a source of tension and pressure. Students need to work hard to meet the expectations.

Assignments and the curriculum are not easy to maintain for a student. There are many colleges in Australia that have opted for the Holmes blackboard services. Holmes acted as the virtual blockboard for classes and for easy learning for students. Holmes blackboard is one of the platforms with all the advanced features for studying. In this era, education and learning are not just confined to books and libraries. It has become more of technology and smart learning. The age-old tradition of learning through the books and then giving is no more the way a learner grabs the subject.

It is learning management system through visual learning and providing help in the assignments. Holmes is a platform for providing all the education-based resources for the students. It acts as a virtual blackboard for the students who want to grab knowledge and wanted to clear their concepts regarding a particular topic. A student just needs to log in and become a member of our learner group. A learner can log in through their college id if the college is taking our services or through the personal id. It is one of the advanced e-learning platforms for young minds. The Holmes institute has all the information which is required for a student regarding a particular topic. We are providing information unit wise.  This program is initiated by the colleges of Australia.

Holmes blackboard is a platform for E-learning. E-learning which has taken the education system to the new level. E-learning or electronic learning is the way of learning through the means of digital resources. This is imparted to the students through computers, tablets, cell phones, laptops that are connected to the internet. It is a computer-based platform that is connected over the internet, to impart education to students. A student can have access to the resources of learning anytime. Learn from anytime, anywhere, having no restrictions or bars between you and knowledge.


There is a boom in the field of E-learning, there are many reasons behind it. The availability of the internet is one of the main reasons behind it. The ease of internet makes the e-learning easy. Another factor is the development of multimedia. With the advancement in technology, there is advancement in the sector of multimedia. The affordability of digital devices is another important factor behind the boom in e-learning. Mobiles are easily available to all people; the cheap rates of these devices make their availability easy among people.  It is observed that the management system of e-learning is better than traditional ways of learning.

Holmes Blackboard

It is a virtual learning platform designed for the students. It is created by The details of the college which are enjoying the services of Holmes have been mentioned in the starting sections and furthermore, it shows analysis of blackboard. It is the virtual blackboard, which is specially designed for students designed and created by Holmes Institute. This will help students in numerous ways:

  1. Managing the assignments
  2. Grabbing knowledge regarding a topic through lecture slides.
  3. The important announcement of college.
  4. Seeking forums.
  5. Researching content regarding a topic.
  6. Course details.
  7. Researching database regarding details of the assignments which are part of curriculum of the particular course.


A unique id’s are given to all students at college, through which they can access to the services of Holmes. A student can get all the material which he needs for completion of assignments and for completing the year academically. Through the given mail id, a student can avail the services provided by Holmes. Holmes acts as a solution to all the questions for the course. A student can avail to all the services like:

  • Scheduling the class.
  • Evaluation of students.
  • Tasks
  • Class slides
  • Student discussion forum
  • Grades analyser.

There are two kinds of services that Holmes is providing in the countries Sydney and Brisbane. Though all the services are same, but few additional services are provided as per the needs of college. there is a tool for plagiarism checking for the assignments that are submitted by students. 

How to access Holmes Blackboard?

To access to portal of Holmes. A student must follow few steps. After opening the page of the Holmes. A student must enter the ID and the password which is provided by college to a student. After the submission of the ID and password, a page will open that will tell the details of the course, the class schedule, assignments and slides related to the classes. The portal will display every service which we are providing for the ease of college and a student. A tab will open which will have lecture slides, grades, forums, assessments related to the course that a student has opted.

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STEP 3 After you will login with the registered email id a portal of your name with the details of the course that you have opted for will open.

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A student can have access to the multiple options of the services and can manage all lined up things together. The portal will display every service which we are providing for the ease of college and a student. A tab will open which will have lecture slides, grades, forums, assessments related to the course that a student has opted.

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