AUR21520 Certificate II in Automotive Cylinder Head Recondition

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The automobile company comprises a wide variety of companies and firms which have aced the art of design, devilment, and manufacturing. Automobile industries are sufficient in providing the utmost revenue and it is largest in the world in terms of revenue. Revenue generated by these industries is more than any other industry, Automobile industry is dedicated to selling, development, manufacturing, and even marketing. It does not include the maintenance that a company provides to the cars. Several repair shops are involved in repairing but they are not included in the automobile industry. The word Automobile has been generated from Greek mythology which refers to the self-sufficient power engine. Safety is one of the most important concerns regarding the automobile industry. Safety is necessary because there can be different sort of danger can arrive while dealing with automobiles. Here, safety refers to that a buyer or the manufacturer doesn’t face any problem or danger while dealing with the automobile/vehicle. Safety issues can arise from the spare parts and different engines attached to the automobiles. There is certain regulation which is needed to be kept in mind by the manufacturer to follow the safety guidelines issued by the government. Safety in the automotive industry is particularly important. In case of safety issues, there is also a regulation that a whole batch of the product with a defect is returned when talking about safety.

Cylinder head repair is one of the automobile practices. This is a long process of welding, cracks, machining wraps, treatment of valves, and other components. There are various reasons that why an individual chooses to go for repairing a cylinder head. The cylinder in the automotive industry is important because it is very cost-efficient. The repairing of the cylinder head is much cheaper than buying a new head. And Cylinder head resurfacing is much lower than that. And there are various modes and designs available in the market. Therefore, it is harder to find the right side of the head cylinder if it is damaged. In such a case, Cylinder head refurbishment is the better option. The process of the head repaying is much easier to carry out than to find a new cylinder head. Refurbish cylinder durability is much more than that of buying a new one. The problems can be solved by fixing some cracks and wraps. And the workers can deal with the valve seals, guides and other replaceable cylinder head parts can also run a good time. The whole process of refurbishing the cylinder head involve from cleaning, changing various component. Some of the parts in the vehicle change and some are repaired. The component requires din the refurbishment is valve angles, valve seats, and the warped spots.


  • Stage 1 Depleting the oil and coolant
  • Stage 2 Eliminating the Chamber Head Parts
  • Stage 3 Eliminating the Chamber Head
  • Stage 4 Cleaning the Chamber Head
  • Stage 5 Inspecting the Chamber Head
  • Stage 6 Reviewing Chamber Head parts
  • Stage 7 Collecting the Chamber Head
  • Stage 8 Re-introducing the Chamber Head


Cylinder head fix is one of the training in a car. This is a long process of welding, breaks, machining wraps, treatment of valves, and different parts. There are different reasons that why an individual decides to go for fixing a chamber head. Chamber is the car business is significant because it is very costly.

  • The complete number of units = 14
  • 7 centre units, in addition to
  • 7 elective units, of which:

each of the 7 units might be from the elective units recorded underneath up to 3 units might be from a Declaration II capability or above in this Preparation Bundle or another supported Preparing Bundle or authorize course.

Elective units picked should be pertinent to the workplace and the capability, keep up the general uprightness of the AQF arrangement, not copy the result of another unit picked for the capability, and add to a substantial professional result.

Core Units

AURAEA002 Follow ecological and manageability best practice in an auto working environment

AURASA102 Follow safe working practices in an auto working environment

AURATA001 Distinguish essential car deficiencies utilizing investigating measures

AURTTA009 Complete mechanical pre-fix activities

AURTTK001 Utilize and keep up estimating gear in an auto working environment

AURTTK102 Utilize and keep up apparatuses and hardware in a car working environment

AURTTM011 Recondition motor chamber heads

Elective Units

AURACA101 React to client needs and inquiries in an auto work environment

AURAFA001 Use numbers in a car working environment

AURAFA002 Peruse and react to auto working environment data

AURAFA103 Convey viably in an auto working environment

AURTTA104 Complete overhauling activities


The upsides of the course are the additional data that one is having the opportunity to concern the territory wherein the understudy is used. The undertakings and the Skill will give you a lift in the field. There are various benefits offered to the understudies. Various inspirations and arrangements are given to the understudies. Awards are in like manner allowed. The public authority in like manner gives advances to understudies who can't deal with the expense of this course. This exhibits worth to the laborers who required a deep-rooted move in fixing in chamber head. This ensuring course will help the understudy with getting data on the whole of the structures that can be used during the time spent on preparing works out. There would be significant data which understudy will be given with close by all the predictable needing to beat the sum of the troubles that arise in this correspondence. An understudy can benefit from various benefits from the course of outfitting assignments. This course can chip away at their task by showing them the constraints of preparing advancement better. There are unique benefits and orchestrating that is given to the understudies. The public authority is in addition preferring this course and various distinctions are given to the understudy from the public power side. There are various benefits of doing this course. Various people are getting pay moves from the course. There are various benefits offered to the understudies. Various associates and approaches are given to the understudies. Awards are in like manner allowed. The public authority other than offers progresses to understudies who can't deal with the expense of this course. The course of overseeing and fixing the head chamber rehearses is for understudies that have a huge interest in this cycle.

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