AUR21820 Certificate II in Automotive Steering and Suspension System Technology Assessment Answer

AUR21820 Certificate II in Automotive Steering and Suspension System Technology

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A vehicle's suspension and steering system propose different functions. It permits an individual for giving direction to the truck or car where it is destined to reach. It gives comfort from uneven street and bumps surfaces. The underside components are restricted from making any type of contact with the road. For the accomplishment of the mentioned things, the suspension system and steering need to make use of several various parts. Most of the vehicles in the present time feature a pinion or a rack system that either makes it more right or left side. The following motion is allowed to move through the rods to the spindles when then turns towards the wheels in the direction of the personal wish. When a pinion system or rack is assisted by power, a cylinder is attached to the rack that contains hydraulic fluid which puts pressure on any side of it or the other one. This process makes the vehicle steer easily. In the meantime the frame of the vehicle struts and tires the support and allows it to achieve more comfort during the driving process. Over time, the given systems can initiate their work to break the cause of different problems that are targeted to be compromised with ride and safety quality.

The management system of vehicles with its features makes the use highly easier these days. The system originated with both web portal and mobile app versions that make the requirements of the users easy. The management system includes fuel management, GPS tracking, Pop-up services and fleet management. The system for vehicle management could be customized to enable the maintenance of the track. It also provides entire details which are required for good maintenance services. It also consists of the details of breakdown service contact that specifically is based on the geographical places that enable the user to easily place the nearby service centres. The reflection of the next service date s also set as a reminder which needs to be sent through SMS to the person's mobile phone. The application in all increases the satisfaction rate of user with the increasing sales to the servicing centres that have ties with the business. Electrical engineering has a major significance in the automotive industries.

Electronics engineering majorly deals with the implementation of principles, applications, and algorithms that is developed within different fields related to it such as, radio engineering, solid-state physics, computer engineering, robotics, signal processing, telecommunications, etc. To include electronic engineers the electrical engineer is still in use in academics. Power engineering is broadly used in an industry as a descriptor. In recent time, there has been a wide growth of new broad entries of different courses for the degree such as, communication systems engineering and systems engineering, which is often followed by different departments in the academic curriculum.

The designing, developing, testing, and research methods for the manufacturing and installing of electrical components, equipment, or systems designated for commercial, military, scientific, and industrial use. The engineer of electrical systems gives smart software and hardware solutions for the systems in renewable energy, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, treatment of water, and other distributive works.  The field of engineering includes classes on fundamental concepts of engineering. It is a professional planned, course in such a way that students take up jobs in the department of engineering once the diploma is earned.

Role of basic language to get a good university

Language is a very important part of human interaction and connection with each other. Different species have different ways of communication in their ways. Humans are the only species that communicates in cognitive language. Language helps in sharing different ideas, thoughts, expressions, and emotions with the other person or group. To build a society and community language plays the most important role in bringing people together to form a group and later society. Along with the benefits it has side effects on society as well. Constructing a civilization without a language would not be possible. Through language, only human life has evaluated themselves from the Stone Age to today which has science, technology, and art, etc.

Work Health and Safety Policies

The standard precaution for infection control includes the following:

  • Proper hygiene of hands
  • Using personal protective equipment's at the workplace wherever required such as gloves, masks, eye shaded to avoid getting and spreading contamination
  • Hygiene in the respiration process includes proper etiquettes of coughing and sneezing with covering your face with hands and elbows
  • Safety from sharp objects
  • Safe injections methods by proper disposal and sanitization
  • Clean and infection fewer work areas

Emergency management includes the following procedures:

  • Immediate facilities of medical assistance
  • Emergency access to transportation
  • First aid box for minor injuries
  • Evacuation plans
  • Trained workers to handle critical situations

Manual handling

  • Safe handling of equipment’s
  • Following user manual
  • Strict regulations on the storage of hazardous substances
  • Emergency medical assistance to any damage caused by such equipment’s and substances

Incident reporting

  • Emergency transportation facilities
  • Telephonic facilities

Description of the course

The qualification takes up all the competencies for the development, validating, designing, maintaining, selecting, and diagnosing of malfunctioning of advanced equipment and systems in automotive Tyre Servicing Technology. It gives skills for the management of risk and estimation of projects and other technical advice and sales. Other competencies are developed in the ethical application of subjects like mathematics, standards, and codes of practices, designing practices, management techniques, etc. The given course covers all the management and assessment part of the risk which is associated with hazardous design, areas and evaluates the explosion potency and protection aspects of the instrument and electrical systems, providing explosion-protection technical advice and installations related to protection from explosions. There is no legislation, licensing, or certification needed for the application to this course during the time of publication.

Contents in the package

Type of Units


Core Units


Elective Units


Total No. of Units


Core Units

Code of the Unit



Encouragement of more participation in environmentally-related practices to achieve sustainable growth


Application and maintenance of tools and equipment used in automotive industries


Safe work practices


Application of Subject Knowledge


Inspections, testing and servicing


Installation of basic vehicle wiring and lighting systems


Removal and replacement of electrical components

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