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AUR31020 Certificate III in Automotive Sales Assessment Answer

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The automotive industry is a vast industry including every kind of vehicle that can be seen on the roads. The industry which is responsible for transportation and other vehicles falls under the category of the automotive industry. The automotive industry includes manufacturing, reshaping, designing, sketching, furnishing, painting is all the task that is involved in the industry. One of the main concerns of the automotive industry is to offer safety to the individual because there is a high rise in the cases of accidents. The automotive industry is a term that has come directly from the Greek and the Latin word which resembles the moving body. The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world which generates a large revenue. The automotive industry manufactures both types of heavy as well as lightweight vehicles. The maintenance and repairing of the vehicle are necessary as it improves the working of the vehicle even in the long run. Nothing can be maintained without good maintenance. Hence, the service centre offers servicing of the vehicle for the better working of the vehicle. There is a various task which is involved in every department. For an instant, the manufacturing department plays a critical role as it collects different component from various places and then assembles it. Sketching and designing can also be added as part of the Manufacturing industry. Here is a huge scope in the automotive industry as automotive is considered as the symbol of riches and it is useful for various purposes. Automobiles are not only used by the local people but it is essential for transportation purposes. Refurnishing for aviation or the automotive industry is similar. Any individual who knows one can secure work in both the industry. One of the other components of the automotive industry is selling and marketing. There is a huge amount is invested for marketing purposes. All the vehicles are being advertised for their better explanation of the specifications and main highlighting feature. Talking about the sales, there are record-breaking responses in the past year. In 2007, it was recorded that around 8-6 million of the vehicles were recorded over the roads and the around 1000 billion litres of the gas and the diesel, petrol is being used. It is expected that this trend of increased usage of automobiles will continue which gives a great extent of scope for the people who are unsure about the automotive industry. There is an immense number of choices that can be made by the candidate. There are several specialization fields in which individual can master the art and their skills. Going by the data restored from 1997, the vehicle produced was highest in 2010. There is a constant increase in the production and manufacture of the vehicles as mentioned in the graph given below.

AUR31020 Certificate III in Automotive Sales

Countries like Algeria, Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, Australia, Finland, and many more are involved in the assembling and manufacturing of automobiles whereas there are only 14 that are very active in the capability to design the original production. There is a great scope, therefore the customer must join the course of the AUR31020- Certificate III in Automotive Sales.


Several benefits can be taken from the qualification of the AUR31020- Certificate III in Automotive Sales. The production and the sales of the automotive are pretty high and the industry is growing on a vast range. The industry has so much to offer. The qualification included in the course consists of both theoretical and practical knowledge about sales and automobiles. There is a range of techniques and skills which are taught to the candidate. If the candidate wishes to go in the sales field, then communication, skills to show positive aspect, the manipulative characteristic is needed to convince the customers. This is one of the essential courses which teaches every aspect of sales and promotion. A brief knowledge is provided above the basic features of the automobile. Communication classes will hold thrice a field. The faculty is very cooperative and allows to take the outside exposure. The salary involves is very good and it is considered as one of the best departments to choose from in the automotive industry. The field requires professionalism and good knowledge helps the individual to perform better. Scholarships and financial assistance are available for the top rankers and poor students. The government provides various other aids who wish to join the course. The career scope is quite good and it is the reason that why government also promotes the course. There is the various fundamental unit which helps the candidate to clear the concept and another elective unit. The core and the elective units are necessary for the competition of the course. The sales and the stipend is operated with high outcomes and as per the record. The previous batch has found the qualification of the course as very useful and it is one of the very important feedback for us.


The qualification is designed for the individuals who are involved in the sell and promotion task of the automobile. The course provides various information about the various task that is needed to be performed. Practical exposure is provided based on future applications. The sales executive must possess good communication and manipulation skills. There is no need for extra qualifications, documentation, and reports. The candidate can take the admission as there is no extra requirement. There are both elective and fundamental units that help them to enhance their skills.  There is no need for an extra qualification. The following are the elective and core units.




Take care of the customer needs


Follow the necessary action for healthy environment


Take care of the routine issues


Make safe and secure working practicing


Make customer complaints


Sell automotive


Usage of the legal entities

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