Southern Cross University [SCU]

Southern Cross University is a public university known as SCU. It is an intensive research university established in the late twentieth century in 1994. Campuses of SCU are located at New South Wales, Australia and southern Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Currently fifteen thousand students are studying on campus and distance courses. Students from more than eighty countries come Australia to study at SCU. The university has collaborations with institutes in Singapore, China and New Zeeland. The university delivers undergraduate, postgraduate degrees and associate degrees. Southern Cross University achieved “well above world standard” in six fields of research i.e. geochemistry, zoology, crop and pasture production and forestry sciences. Assignments are offered in various fields such as arts, education, social sciences, business, tourism, law, health, indigenous studies, and environmental science. The university has a governing council which looks all the affairs of the university and the chief executive officer reports to vice-chancellor. Southern Cross UniversityThe university has an Academic Board which takes decision regarding academic matters. The university provides facilities for parents and students to take campus tour before taking admission. The all you need is to do booking for the specific day and you will be able to take tour of the campus with one of the student ambassadors of the university. The university gives you liberty to meet the lecturers and ask information about various courses. This is a new and innovative method which makes people sure about taking admission. SCU is also well known for its distance courses as it gives student liability to study at their home comfort.

Undergraduate Assignments

SCU Assignment Help

Post-Graduate Assignments

  • Master of Forest Science and Management
  • Master of Marine Science and Management
  • Master of Human Resources and Organisational Development
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Childhood and Youth Studies
  • Master of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Master of Advanced Health Practice
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Education

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ACC00152 Business Finance

ACC00207 Hospitality and Tourism Financial Management

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Assignment 1

MKT00128 Tourism and Hospitality Sales and Promotion

MKT00720 Case Study Analysis

MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments

MKT01762 Contemporary Hotel and Tourism Issues

MKT01906 International Tourism Systems

MNG00114 Competitive Strategy

MNG00314 Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MNG00421 Festival and Special Events Planning

MNG10720 Research for Business and Tourism

MNG10723 Hospitality: History, Politics and Culture

MNG20006 The Sustainable Hotel Environment

SCI00419 Food and Beverage Management

CSC72003 Assignment 2

Tourism Theories and Practices Assignment 3: Essay

TRM73001 Revenue and Yield Management for Tourism and Hospitality

MNG03236 Report Writing

Assignment Question

NRS20002 Unit Information Guide

NRS72003 Unit Information Guide

NRS72007 Unit Information Guide

HOTL5003 Hotel Property and Operations

CF SSC93002 Computer Forensic course answers

BSBFIA401 Prepare Financial Reports Assessment 2

NRS72007 Human Response to Health Breakdown Assessment 2

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