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An Overview on Australian History

The history of Australia offers an exciting story of the land and native people. The Aboriginals stepped into the mainland by sea from Maritime Southeast Asia from 70,000 years ago. Over time they got distributed to all the corners of the continent according to their suitability, including the rainforest, deserts, and island of Tasmania. The native Australians are the longest surviving civilizations across the globe. The Land Down Under, Australia, features an illustrious history.

The Dutch navigator, Willem Janzoon, was the first European to land in Australia in 1606 on Weipa, Cape York. On the other hand, British Captain James Cook was the first person who claimed British presence in the continent in 1770. The British rulers used the land as a penal colony and arrived with a hoard of 1500 people with various convictions in Sydney harbor in 1788. However, the continent came out of colonial rule and got its freedom in 1942.

Australian Literature

English literature is synonymous with Australian literature due to British colonies. However, you can find a mixed work of aboriginal and preceding colonies. You will experience key aspects like democracy, egalitarianism, aboriginality, and also the significance of national identity. The literature defines the cultural identity of the continent and contains different themes. In most of the writing, you will find a sense of liberty, a feeling of staying away from the homeland, and also an expectation of living a better future of the authors.

On the other hand, you can also find themes like Australian bushes repeatedly in the literary works. Such works define the gloomy sides and even those bushes as the land of freedom.

Besides this, there are also various significant works of aboriginal poets who have written mainly on the equality and right of the native people. Especially the works of Oodgeroo Noonuccal, such as We are going, Then and Now.

However, the Australian literature doesn’t provide much credit to the women like male writers. The notable personalities include in the list are Thea Astley, Jessica Anderson, and Helen Garne, who have enhanced the literary world of the continent.

FAQ’s on Australian Literature and History

What are indigenous literatures?

Indigenous literature is the works that are written by authors who have enormous feeling and connection with the native people. Such stories feature primarily about the families and their identities. The writers mostly write on traditions and the relationships to nature.

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