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What is the Berkeley Algorithm?

Barkley algorithm is a distributed algorithm that is used for timekeeping. It is synonymous with centralized algorithm and clock synchronization algorithm and is primarily used for synchronizing clocks relating to an external time reference. The centralized algorithm features two approaches as Cristian’s Clock Synchronization algorithm and Berkeley Clock Synchronization algorithm.

In the Berkeley algorithm, there is no availability of real-time within the system and its main objective is to minimize the difference between two clocks.

The Berkeley algorithm maintains the clocks in synchronization with another group and there is no machine involved in the group with an external atomic clock. The algorithm doesn’t signify the absolute time value and synchronizes following the below process.

  • The master in the algorithm asks the related machines regarding clock values by sending the time value.
  • In the meantime the other machines responses
  • The master tells all to manage their clock

Berkeley algorithm takes the average time difference to manage their clock. It needs a time server to run clock synchronization in distributed systems. It is instrumental in the cases where the distributed network experience issues like

  • The machine doesn’t have a precise time source
  • The network or machine doesn’t have a UTC server

Berkeley Algorithm Functionality Explained by Our Assignment Writing Experts

Being one of the clock synchronization techniques Berkeley algorithms is significantly used in a distributed computing system. The algorithm presumes every machine node in a specific network which misses an accurate time source or a UTC server.

In this, a single node is selected as the master node from the availability of a pool of nodes. The master node is the primary node in the network system and associated nodes are treated as slaves. The master node works in the leader selection process and fetches clock time by hitting slave nodes. It also computes the average time variance between all the received clock times. Finally, the average time difference is counted along with the current time at the master node and displays the same.

FAQs on Berkeley Algorithm

What Are the Types of Clock Synchronization?

There are two types of clock synchronization such as external and internal clock synchronization. The external clock synchronization is used as a source and all the nodes in the arrangement can fix and change the time. In this there is an external reference clock. On the other hand, in internal clock synchronization, every node assigns the time with other nodes and they set and adjust their time accordingly.

What Are the Types of Clock Synchronization?

There are two types of clock synchronization algorithms such as centralized and distributed algorithms. In centralized algorithms, a time server is employed as a key reference. In this type of algorithm if one node fails then the complete system misses the synchronization. Centralized clock synchronization depends on a single time server. On the contrary, distributed clock synchronization lacks a centralized time server and it enhances the difficulties like scalability in centralized synchronization.

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