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Understanding The Fundamental Concepts of Biotechnology Assignment Help USA!

Essentially, Biotechnology is the branch that unites both the sides of Biology and Engineering while applying the concepts of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology to manipulate the different processes of the cells. Over the years, Biotechnologists have been able to find competent treatments of Biological Disorders like hearing aids, treatments to Cancer, vaccines, and other numerous nervous disorders.

Besides, Biotechnology also helps us hijack the cellular process of organisms like yeast, bacteria, and virals for our benefit. For example, engineering bacteria that degrade plastic, or engineering viruses that eat other kinds of bacteria. Even something as simple as store-bought curds finds their signature texture due to engineering special kinds of bacteria for fermentation. Did you know beer manufacturers spend millions on engineering yeast that ferments optimally? Well, there are even more applications of Biotechnology! The wheat you eat, the fruit you savor, are all genetically modified to yield more produce per crop with the help of techniques of Biotechnology! Scientists are even making lab-grown meat!

A Deeper Dive Into Biotechnology’s Applications

You must have gotten familiar with the terms like Non-GMO products or Hybrid Fruits and veggies while shopping for groceries. These terms emerge due to advancements in Genetic engineering. Genes are the material that carries information about a structure of the cell or decides the behavioral characters of the organism. For example, why does a seed of cucumber grow into a cucumber plant and not into a watermelon? Well, it is because every seed carries a genetic code that decides the characters and traits of the organism. A cucumber seed would only carry information of growing into a cucumber! We can alter the genetic material to gather desired characteristics from fruits, plants, and vegetables, or even unicellular organisms in some cases.

In the future, it might be possible that parents could choose the traits of their baby with the help of genetic engineering and biotechnology! A minuscule change in the chains of different amino acids that form the genetic material can lead to major variations in the behavior of a creature!

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Gene or Anti-Mutagenic Therapy!

Certain disorders are associated with defects in the genetic material, which means that human beings can transfer diseases from one generation to another via genetic defects or nonfunctional gene therapy. Biotechnologists replace faulty genetic material with the correct one in the gene therapy and help the body dispose of the nonfunctions gene. However, the therapy is still in the stages of production in 2020.

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Digging Deeper into DNA Technology!

DNA technology and manipulation is analogous to gene sequencing and gene therapy. But, by manipulating the DNA, we can go a layer deeper than the Genes, and fiddle with the source code of the program of organisms.

Like gene therapy, DNA technology has found multiple applications in today’s world. If our bodies were a software program, then DNA would be the source code to build the program upon. DNA is a genetic material that contains information about one’s characteristics. Recently, scientists were able to make the rapid testing kits of DNA and helped themselves make a valuable approach to find a rapid testing mechanism for COVID-19. Let’s take up the case of Cystic Fibrosis again, the DNA technology is playing a role in altering the DNA in the patients with the disease and helping the chloride pathways in the lung to regenerate itself. PCR method is usually leveraged to identify a particular sequence in old DNA. We can even identify Novel Coronaviruses with it.

Some Ethical Concerns Over Application of Biotechnology!

Is Cloning Via Gene Sequencing and Modelling Ethical?

Scholars have debated over the issue of cloning since the time they successfully cloned a goat with the help of dna modelling. It has been a matter of debate whether the practice is fit or ethically right when used upon human beings. For example, what repercussions could cloning a human being could bring to society. Would casual cloning of human beings depreciate the value of people? Or would they help create better societies and reduce the general suffering. Scientists are also working on creating perfect clones of the people. In theory these clones would be a copy of a person, but like an improved or “bug-fixed” version. The newer versions of people would be less prone to genetic diseases and carry naturally robust genes.

Though significant advancements have been made in the department of cloning, critics have not been able to answer whether it is ethical or not?

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