5-fold increase in approval of E-Visas by India


India’s E-Visa Revolution: A Leap Forward in Streamlining the Visa Process


In a significant move towards simplification and rationalization, India has witnessed a remarkable surge in E-Visas, with approvals reaching a staggering five times more in the past five years. According to officials from the Home Ministry, the country has issued 25 lakh E-Visas since 2015, underscoring a strategic effort to streamline the Visa process. Notably, the number of Visa sub-streams has been reduced from 104 to 65 during this transformative period.

E-Visas on the Rise: The data from the Bureau of Immigration in India reveals a substantial increase in E-Visas, soaring from 5.29 lakh in 2015 to an impressive 25.15 lakh in 2018. Concurrently, the issuance of Paper-based or regular Visas by overseas Indian missions has witnessed a decline, decreasing from 45 lakh to 35 lakh during the same timeframe. This reduction is attributed to the consolidation of main Visa streams, which now stand at 21, down from 26.

E-Visa Facility for 166 Nations: India’s E-Visa facility, now extended to cover 166 nations, offers a swift online Visa process, with approvals granted within a mere three days. This online option caters to various travel activities, including conferences, medical attendance, health, business, and tourism, providing international travelers with a hassle-free entry into the country.

Expanding Horizons for Film Visas: The scope of Film Visas has expanded to include web series, shows, and location recce. Notably, overseas nationals intending to stay in India for up to six months with a Film Visa no longer require registration.

Tourist Visas Embrace Diversity: India has broadened the scope of Tourist Visas to encompass unstructured, short-term courses lasting six months. These courses span a range of subjects, including local languages, medicine, cooking, arts and crafts, dance, music, and even voluntary work for a period of 30 days.

Extended Duration and Entry Flexibility: E-Business and E-Tourist Visas have undergone significant changes, with the duration now extended to one year from 60 days. Previous constraints limiting individuals to two entries in one year have been lifted, enabling multiple entries on these visas. Moreover, the application process for E-Tourist and E-Business Visas is now available online at any time, eliminating the previous restriction of applying a maximum of four months in advance of the arrival date.


India’s evolution in visa processing, especially the remarkable surge in E-Visas, signifies a commitment to welcoming global travelers with greater efficiency and flexibility. The country’s embrace of technological advancements and strategic reforms not only bolsters its reputation as a traveler-friendly destination but also supports diverse industries such as film and tourism. As India continues to modernize its visa processes, it reinforces its position as an attractive and accessible nation for international visitors, fostering positive relations on a global scale.

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