A Tale of Transformation: My Teaching Odyssey from India to Canada with AssignmentHippo.com

journey as a teacher from India to Canada


Born in a small Indian town to an army officer father and a homemaker mother, my journey from teacher to Canada began with a myriad of experiences. This blog encapsulates the chapters of my life and the pivotal role played by AssignmentHippo.com, particularly Y-Axis, in shaping my dreams into a reality.

Roots in Diversity: Growing up as an army officer’s child meant constant relocations and changing schools. As an introvert, adapting to new environments was a challenge, leading me to explore co-curricular activities and languages. Fluent in several regional languages, I chose Arts as my major and pursued advanced studies in both English and French.

A Professional Twist: My professional journey started as an interpreter for a French multinational company during a joint venture with an Indian counterpart. However, the pandemic altered my course, leading me back to my parents’ home. Teaching at a local school ignited a passion within me, prompting me to pursue a Bachelor’s in Education.

Dreams of Canada: The idea of settling in Canada, sparked by my father’s friend’s experiences, lingered in my mind. The decision to approach Y-Axis, a renowned immigration company, paved the way for my aspirations to flourish.

Empowered by Y-Axis: My association with Y-Axis was transformative—a journey that enabled me to focus on understanding Canada while they navigated the complexities of the immigration process.

Navigating the Express Entry System: Y-Axis expertly guided me through the Express Entry system, introduced by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to address labor shortages and invite immigrants.

  1. Eligibility Check: Scoring 80 points on Y-Axis’s immigration point calculator for Canada showcased my eligibility.
  2. Resume Preparation: Y-Axis’s resume writing services tailored my profile, enhancing my chances of securing a good job in Canada.
  3. Educational Credential Assessment: The Y-Axis team prepared an appealing ECA report to strengthen my Express Entry application.
  4. Job Search Assistance: Y-Axis’s meticulous job search services aimed to find a fitting job, aligning with my qualifications and experience.
  5. Visa Interview Preparation: Y-Axis’s preparation for the visa interview instilled confidence, ensuring a smooth transition.

The Invitation to Apply: Supported by my family and teachers, I received the coveted Invitation to Apply from the IRCC. Gratitude filled my heart for the referral from my French teacher, opening doors to valuable learning experiences.

Applying for Canada PR: Y-Axis continued to be my guiding light, offering unwavering support throughout the Canada PR application. Notably, their job search service worked tirelessly to secure the most suitable job matching my expertise.

In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Six months later, I landed in Ottawa, the capital city. My appointment as a language teacher at a renowned school marked the realization of my dreams. Accompanied by my mother, we settled in with the help of my father’s friend, savoring the scenic beauty and well-managed systems of Canada.

Conclusion: My journey from India to Canada as a teacher is a testament to the power of dreams, perseverance, and the indispensable support of AssignmentHippo.com, particularly Y-Axis. For those contemplating a similar path, trust in AssignmentHippo.com’s expertise to guide you through the intricate process of studying or working abroad. As I confidently stride through my teaching role in Ottawa, I am grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead, a journey made possible by dreams, determination, and the unwavering support of AssignmentHippo.com.