Facilitating Success for Indian High-Net-Worth Individuals in Global Relocation

Facilitating Success for Indian High-Net-Worth

In a trend marking the last decade, the global landscape has witnessed a significant surge in wealthy Indians opting for international relocation, primarily to countries like the UK, the U.S., and Australia. This paradigm shift in migration patterns is underscored by a report covering the period from 2003 to 2013, revealing that over 43,000 Indian high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) have embarked on the journey of relocating abroad.

Understanding the Wealth Migration Trend

  1. Quantifying the Exodus:
    • According to data from Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2015, dissects the numbers, indicating that wealthy Indians constitute over 27 percent of the global HNWI migration. China leads the trend with 76,200 millionaires seeking international relocation or alternative citizenship.
  2. Preferred Destinations:
    • navigates through the preferred destinations of wealthy Indians, emphasizing that the UK tops the list as the most favored country for migration. The U.S. and Australia also feature prominently, attracting high-net-worth individuals seeking new avenues and opportunities.
  3. Impact on Real Estate Markets:
    • Delve into the repercussions of this migration trend on global real estate markets, with shedding light on how the influx of wealthy migrants has contributed to soaring prices in premium real estate, especially in the UK.

Insights from Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2015:

  1. Comparative Analysis with China:
    • draws comparisons with China, where wealthy immigrants exhibit different preferences. While Europe, Australia, and Singapore are favored by wealthy Chinese individuals, the U.S. doesn’t attract a comparable influx.
  2. Second Highest Inflow: Singapore:
    • Singapore emerges as the second-highest recipient of HNWIs globally, with 45,000 individuals choosing the city-state as their preferred destination. explores the factors contributing to Singapore’s appeal and its significant 20 percent share of immigrant HNWIs.
  3. Shifts in Tax Haven Choices:
    • unravels an interesting facet of migration, highlighting that several HNWIs, previously residing in Switzerland for tax purposes, have redirected their preferences to Singapore, the UK, and the UAE.

Examining India’s Ultra-HNWI Growth:

  1. Ultra-HNWI Population Growth:
    • delves into the transformation within India, noting a remarkable 166 percent increase in the overall population of ultra-HNWIs over the last decade. These individuals boast a net worth of $30 million, reflecting the dynamic nature of wealth accumulation in the country.

As wealth becomes increasingly mobile, positions itself as a crucial ally for Indian high-net-worth individuals navigating the intricacies of global relocation. From understanding migration trends and preferred destinations to deciphering the impact on real estate markets, ensures that HNWIs make informed decisions about their global pursuits. With a commitment to facilitating success, stands as a reliable companion for those embarking on the journey of international migration.