Canada immigration interview questions and answers for PR

interview questions and answers for PR

Unlocking the Gateway to Prosperity: Choosing Canada PR and Navigating the Immigration Interview


Choosing Canada as your destination for permanent residency (PR) is a decision laden with promise – from higher income opportunities and access to healthcare to a safe environment and high quality of life. However, the journey towards Canada PR involves an immigration interview, a crucial aspect of the application process. In this guide, we delve into the reasons to opt for Canada PR and equip you with essential tips and expected questions for a successful interview.

Why Opt for Canada PR?

  1. Earn Higher Income:
  • Canada presents lucrative opportunities for career growth, providing the chance to earn a higher income compared to many other countries.
  1. Access to Healthcare and Social Service Benefits:
  • PR holders in Canada enjoy comprehensive healthcare benefits and social services, ensuring their well-being is prioritized.
  1. Be Accompanied by Family Members:
  • Canada PR allows you to be accompanied by your family members, fostering family reunification.
  1. Safe and Protected Environment:
  • Canada is renowned for its safe and secure environment, offering peace of mind to residents.
  1. High Quality of Life:
  • With a strong emphasis on quality living, Canada provides a high standard of life for its residents.
  1. Free Education for Children:
  • Families benefit from Canada’s education system, which includes free education for children.

Canada Immigration Interview: Tips and Common Questions

  1. Preparation Tips:
  • Arrive early at the interview location and maintain composure.
  • Dress professionally for a positive first impression.
  • Communicate clearly and listen attentively to questions.
  • Rehearse potential questions and answers while waiting.
  1. Common Questions and Expected Answers:
  • Why do you want to migrate to Canada?
    • Answer confidently, highlighting your aspirations for a better future.
  • Have you taken someone’s help to prepare your application?
    • If yes, name the consultancy, ensuring transparency.
  • What is the biggest challenge for you to immigrate to Canada?
    • Address challenges honestly, showcasing resilience.
  • What religious views do you hold?
    • Provide a truthful response without hesitation.
  • What would you like to do in your spare time?
    • Share your hobbies and interests to present a well-rounded profile.
  • Why did you choose the particular province/city to migrate to?
    • Present reasonable and well-thought-out reasons for your choice.
  • Do you have any close family members or friends in Canada?
    • If yes, provide their names and contact details for verification.
  1. Other Key Questions:
  • Explore your source of income, marital status, language abilities, and knowledge about Canada’s provinces, cities, leaders, and attractions.
  1. Closing Note:
  • Seek expert guidance from Y-Axis, a premier overseas career consultancy, for comprehensive support in your Canada migration journey.


Opting for Canada PR is a strategic move towards a prosperous and fulfilling life. As you navigate the immigration interview, prepare diligently, answer truthfully, and showcase your genuine commitment to contributing positively to Canadian society. Your Canadian dream awaits!

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