Different types of database and DBMS

Different types of database

Database System:

A database refers to an electronically preserved and accessible set of data. The data is saved so that users do not encounter any search and modification challenges in a structured and correct manner. This is necessary to create an archive so all the information and documentation have to be stored so they can be used to update or revisit at a later date. This is also exchanged with various applications by the use of a DBMS. DBMS lets consumers maintain their applications healthy and usable. The different types of DBMS are perfectly described by our database management assignment help expert as given below. go through the types of databases and make it understand in your best knowledge.

Different types of database:

  1. Commercial database: A commercial database refers to data processing that may be electronically viewed, for example on television. The user has no right to change or modify it. So, via a commercial connection is the only way to reach this database.
  2. Operational databases: Operational databases are the most commonly used ones in areas such as marketing, production, management, etc., such than in the online transactions, information of the employees and customers.
  3. Centralized database: Accessing, storing and updating the database in a single location. The centralized location is often a central database system accessible remotely.
  4. End user database: The end-user database can be used through a query language by end-users of a software application. Generally, this database is distributed between various end-user applications users.
  5. Distributed database: The main feature of the database is that the data is stored on multiple computers at the same location or on different machines at different locations and is networked. A single communication link helps the common database accessed and connected with it.
  6. Personal database: this database is formed for personal use only the user can modify it and have access to it.

Database management system explained by database assignment help experts:

Database Management System is a software application set that allows users to change or incorporate data in the database. The development, collection, modification or maintenance of data can be simpler with DBMS. The program is the interface between software and end-user programs. It guarantees greatly structured and readily available data stored.

The three essential elements of a DBMS are data, database engine and database structure. The database schema describes the functional form of the database by the database system. The archive is managed in a systematic manner and the data is stored continuously regularly.

Advantages of DBMS:

  • DBMS provides end to end user access to and uses the data for modification or retrieval simultaneously.
  • The main advantage of DBMS is that the data is more managed and safer than any external source.
  • Several users have managed access to the data through DBMS.
  • The same database can be used for processing and modifying the data through various applications.
  • The GUI also allows data processing faster. The user would also able to use a basic application to obtain the data. This is also available with a GUI.
  • DBMS offers integrated integrity checks to ensure accuracy and data integrity.


  • Lose, of data in case data is not backed up.
  • Frequent updates can cause pause the services for some time.
  • more data means there will be more complexity.

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