How to make the most of your college life in Canada?

Studying overseas can be as exciting as it can be challenging.

How to make the most of your college life in Canada?

Because studying abroad means learning both new ways of studying and living. Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for students around the world. The reasons for these are aplenty. Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world, boasts of a variety of academic options, is one of the safest countries in the world, and hate crimes are very rare. The country also offers a lot of variety in terms of academics as well as entertainment.

Enrolling in a college in Canada is not just about education, but also about joining sports clubs and teams. One of the major reasons why students around the world choose to apply to Canadian universities is the kind of experience that they get in this country. There are plenty of things that one can do to make the most of college life in Canada.

Here we talk about some of them:

  1. Explore all the recreational activities

Canada has a lot to offer in terms of cultural and recreational activities. Colleges have a lot of student clubs, and support groups that students can become a part of and enjoy themselves. The country is a land of beautiful mountains and naturally, for the mountaineering types, hiking is a splendid outing. Hiking is another activity that Canadians are good at. Many Canadian Universities provide facilities such as hiking where international students can explore this great country. The Trans Canada Trail, connecting almost all the territories of Canada, covers a major portion of the scenic country. It is both a treat as well as a challenge to the many cyclists, mountain bikers, joggers as well as cross-country skiers.

For students who love adventure sports, skating, skiing, and tobogganing are the other exciting options that they must try out. Students can also avail themselves of the free ice rinks and trails provided in the park system for a memorable experience. Students in Canada who love sightseeing can avail themselves of study breaks and go out and explore the mesmerizing natural beauty of Canada, with their group of friends.

  1. Experience the native sports and more

Canadians are sports-loving people. Their official sport is lacrosse though ice hockey is more popular in Canada. Naturally, Canada offers a lot of indoor sports facilities. Almost all outdoor sports have indoor facilities so that students can practice and play their favorite sport, irrespective of the weather outside. Sports is a favorite amongst most Canadians as a means to stay fit and healthy. The various sports that a student in Canada can watch and play are cross-country and alpine skiing, golf, snowboarding, etc. The various snow resorts of Canada are a delight and provide a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience!

  1. Don’t be shy about the extra-curricular activities

At most universities, you can find a wide range of extracurricular activities and clubs. As part of these clubs, the students can interact, learn something new and interesting, have fun, and socialize at the same time. Many universities also have a variety of clubs for a variety of activities, like cooking classes, dance classes, athletic classes, and so on. So students can enroll in the classes of their choice and liking and grow their passion.

Most Canadian cities are also hosting a variety of extra circular activities, be it musical concerts, theatrical plays, or any sports activity or cultural festival. It is no wonder that many national artists have been discovered at these levels and have gone ahead to achieve national and international fame and repute.

Canada, recognizing the importance and applicability of internet access even provides one of the best internet services. Students studying in Canada naturally serve to benefit from this for their education and entertainment purposes.

  1. Get a taste of life outside of college

Canada has many landmark sites, shopping centers and parks, and museums to visit and explore. The country provides the right blend of exploration with entertainment. It is home to a variety of pubs, dance clubs, parks, museums, musical performances, festivals, marathons, comedy shows, etc. For students who like to meet friends over a cup of coffee, there are a lot of clubs and restaurants and pubs to satisfy their taste buds, create that party mood and give them an experience of a lifetime!

The country has vibrant nightlife, live theatre, and wonderful Broadway shows for the students to check out. So the students just need to decide their preference for entertainment and they are sure to get floored by the variety of talent offered! It is also the birthplace of some of the most famous musicians and DJs like Justin Bieber, Bryan Adams, etc. So music is one of the most important recreations of Canada and Canada is one country that also continues to explore, and nurture new talent through the various clubs in its cities.

  1. It won’t hurt to experiment with food

Canada is also a haven for the food-lovers, and that too, of almost all the major cuisines of the world. The Canadian traditional food is poutine (which is essentially French fries in gravy and cheese) and maple syrup. Canadians are known to be a bit partial when it comes to maple syrup and is seen using it over a lot of food like waffles and pancakes. So when in Canada, students should make it a point to taste this national favorite of Canada for that unique experience.

Students are also given SPC (Student Price Card) with the help of which they can avail of various discounts on their shopping purchases in many shops and cafes. Overall, Canada, as a country, is very friendly and student-welcoming.

Some of the major towns of Canada and the facilities that they offer to the students, in terms of recreation are as follows:

  1. Toronto

 In Toronto, there are a variety of splendid cultural activities to enjoy every weekend, making it one of the most happening cities in the country. It is also one of the most well-connected cities in Canada and transportation is very affordable, especially for a student. So traveling around Toronto is quite easy and preferred by students. 

Clubs, as well as sports teams of various fields, function here and a student is going to find something of interest to him/her. The various clubs and organizations make it possible for students to make friends and mingle with students and people of similar passions, thereby creating a close-knit group of like-minded artists or sportspersons. For students who love skiing and ice skating, Toronto is the place to be in the winter.

Toronto has a huge variety of Museums and Parks which are worth a visit. Some of the most famous are- The Art Gallery of Toronto, The Hockey hall of fame, The Monarch Park Stadium, The Royal Ontario Museum, etc. The city also hosts a ‘Toronto Tango Marathon’, which is also very popular.

For the foodies, Toronto is a haven, offering cuisines as varied as the Caribbean and Asian and North American, etc. Some of the eateries, frequented by the students are Pizza Gigi, Pho Pasteur, Kinto Ramen, Lou Dogs Ryerson Pub, etc. Toronto has Chinatown, Little Italy, and a Greek Town that offer authentic food from that region, naturally, these places are a hit amongst International Students who crave their home-cooked food. During the winter months, strolling down the streets is a treat for many students. The entire city is bathed in white snow and dazzling and sparkling Christmas decorations.

  1. Montreal

Montreal is home to major universities and colleges, so it is one of the most favored places for students for higher education. Montreal is another city in Canada that is famous for its cultural activities be it the many cultural festivals or the comedy or music shows. It is also well-connected since it boasts a well-organized network of metro, local trains, and buses. All these are extremely cheap and useful for students who want to explore the city and its various attractions.

There are many landmarks and remarkable Museums for education and entertainment, some of which are- the Montreal Museum of Fine arts, the Olympic Stadium, the Old port of Montreal, etc. Montreal hosts its ‘Jazz Festival’, another event that is not to be missed!

For the foodies, Montreal does not disappoint either. It is full of great eateries, which are popular for students, like the Bombay Mahal, Saint-Houblon, Village Grec, etc.

  1. Vancouver

This is another beautiful and student-friendly city. The only constraint is the weather, which can be pretty unpredictable. Hence, carrying an umbrella is mandatory so that one can continue to enjoy exploring this beautiful city. Though Vancouver is a bit costly city, it also has ample job opportunities for students.

In Vancouver, students are also given SPC (Student Price Card) with the help of which they can avail of various discounts on their shopping purchases in many shops and cafes. Vancouver has famous colleges and universities and has a huge number of international students enrolled in them.

Vancouver is a land of beautiful mountains and breathtaking beaches. For those students who like to trek in the mountains or enjoy the beach, Vancouver is a great place to be in. Some of the most famous stops to visit are- Queen Elizabeth Park, English Bay, Vancouver Aquarium, Granville island, etc. Vancouver hosts an ‘Aurora Winter Festival’ which is a treat to all and is a quite popular event.

Vancouver is a paradise for the food-lovers since it has a large number and variety of eateries, satisfying every mood and taste bud. Some of the most famous are- ST. Lawrence, Tojo’s, Botanist, The Acron, etc. When in Vancouver, students should not forget to enjoy the crisp fish and the dumplings, which are a specialty.

  1. Ottawa

This city has extreme weather which can be a bit gloomy. However, it has several Universities and a lot of students. Students who want to study in Ottawa can also join various social circles and make the most of their time in Ottawa. It is a small city but it sure has its share of recreational activities for students. One of its universities has a lot of exchange students, hence it has a lot of activities, and trips for students to choose from. 

Ottawa has a bunch of parks and galleries to visit and enjoy, some of which are – the National Gallery of Canada, Omega Park, etc. For the food-lovers, Ottawa has a variety of vegan and organic stories and satisfies all tastes as well as budgets. In short, Canada is a great place for a student to study as well as socialize and learn new things about life.

With all these wonderful cities and fun things to do, studying in Canada is not just about academics.

A Beautiful combination of academics and entertainment

Canada provides all the facilities and training necessary for the overall development of a student’s personality so that he/she can achieve something in life as well as enjoy life! To make the most of college life in Canada, the international student must remember to socialize, engage in group discussions and build a strong network of friends and peers.

A student can also learn new skills and art and crafts, explore nature by indulging in hiking or skiing, explore Canada’s rich heritage by visiting landmark sites like Museums and Galleries, understand the people by their music and poems, travel the cities using their wonderful network of local trains, metros, and buses, take a taste of the local cuisine as well as enjoy the platter of International Cuisine that the country has to offer, shop and entertain oneself by video games or enjoy the nightlife and the Broadway shows or simply enjoy the beaches and the mountain trials.

Canada is a great place for international students as it provides a variety of academic activities as well as recreational activities so that studying and enjoying oneself both becomes possible.

It is up to the student to achieve the right balance between study and recreational activities. With so many options to explore, it won’t hurt to have a detour now and then, as long as it is ensured that the studies are not seriously hampered.

If there is anything to prepare for, it’s the weather.

Though Canada has four types of seasons, the disparity in temperature and weather conditions throughout the year can be considerable. In summer, the temperature can rise to a scorching 35°C or more and in winter it can drop down to -25°C. Students should remember that they should opt for immediate medical assistance if they experience anything even remotely similar to frostbite. [In frostbite, the ears, nose, cheeks, toes, and fingers become slightly bluish].

Winters are pretty harsh and students need to take care of themselves by using proper clothing, boots, woolens, and gloves as per the weather outside. If that is done, then students can go out and explore the city to their limits!

Spring and fall experience moderate temperatures.

Despite this, Canada is one of the most beautiful and appealing countries for international students.