Navigating the NHS Health Surcharge:’s Guide for Employers

NHS surcharge in addition to visa fees


As the NHS health surcharge for visa applications looms on the horizon, it’s crucial for employers to understand its implications and take proactive steps. At, we recognize the impact this surcharge may have on employers hiring non-EEA nationals. Our expert guidance ensures you navigate this new development seamlessly, addressing compliance, costs, and strategic considerations.

The NHS Health Surcharge: What Employers Need to Know

  1. Application Scope:
    • The surcharge is applicable to non-EEA nationals applying for leave exceeding six months in the Tier 1, Tier 2 (excluding Intra-company transfer), Tier 4, and Tier 5 categories. Employers engaging migrant staff in these categories should prepare for compliance.
  2. Financial Implications:
    • Anticipated at £200 per annum (£150 for students), the surcharge is payable upfront with the visa application. Employers need to factor this additional cost into their budget, especially for employees with dependants. For instance, a five-year visa for a family may incur a surcharge of £4,000.
  3. Exemptions for Intra-Company Transfers:
    • Good news for multinational organizations! Tier 2 (Intra-company transfer) migrants remain exempt from the surcharge, allowing continued access to NHS care without additional charges.
  4. Pre-Registration Arrangements:
    • Migrants who pay the surcharge will benefit from pre-registration arrangements aligned with Biometric Residence Permits issuance. ensures a smooth understanding of these processes for both employers and employees.
  5. EU Migrants and Visitors:
    • EU migrants and visitors must produce a European Health Insurance Card to avoid service charges. provides clarity on this requirement, ensuring EU employees are well-informed.

Employer Considerations and Solutions

  1. Financial Support for Employees:
    • Employers may choose to contribute to or cover the surcharge for their employees and dependants. guides employers through the tax, NIC, and compliance implications associated with these decisions.
  2. Expedited Visa Applications:
    • Considering the financial impact of the surcharge, employers may choose to expedite visa applications before April 2015. Our experts help strategize timelines to avoid additional costs.

Conclusion: Partnering with for Seamless Navigation

The NHS health surcharge introduces complexities for employers in hiring non-EEA nationals. At, our commitment is to guide you through these changes, ensuring compliance, cost-effectiveness, and strategic decision-making. As you prepare to navigate the evolving landscape of visa applications, trust for expert assistance, turning challenges into opportunities for seamless growth.