Seizing Opportunities: Navigating Canada’s Express Entry System with”

CIC Plans On Making First Express Entry


With the recent launch of Canada’s Express Entry system, aspiring immigrants face a transformative journey towards permanent residence. At, we understand the intricacies of this new system and stand ready to assist candidates in maximizing their chances for success. Let’s explore how you can seize opportunities and navigate the Express Entry system with our expert guidance.

Understanding the Express Entry Draw Dynamics

  1. First Draw Anticipation:
    • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced plans for the first Express Entry draw before the end of January 2015. Candidates who create online profiles before this inaugural draw can benefit from early consideration.
  2. Initial Emphasis on Human Capital Factors:
    • CIC anticipates a significant number of invitations issued without Canadian job offers initially. This emphasizes the importance of human capital factors, such as language proficiency and education, in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). guides candidates on preparing and showcasing these factors effectively.

Preparing for Success:’s Expert Guidance

  1. Determining Eligibility:
    • The first crucial step is to determine eligibility for federal economic immigration programs. helps candidates understand the requirements and assess their eligibility.
  2. Language Proficiency Tests:
    • Language test results are essential for entering the Express Entry pool. We encourage candidates to sit standardized language tests promptly, demonstrating proficiency in English or French.
  3. Creating an Express Entry Profile:
    • Once eligibility is confirmed, candidates can start creating their Express Entry profiles. Those eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program must obtain an Educational Credential Assessment. provides step-by-step assistance in profile creation.

Continuous Improvement: Maximizing Your CRS Score

  1. Dynamic Profiles:
    • Express Entry profiles remain dynamic. Candidates can continuously improve their CRS score by enhancing language proficiency, gaining additional work experience, completing diplomas, or showcasing abilities in a second official language.
  2. Strategic Maneuvering:
    • Our experts guide candidates in strategic maneuvers within the Comprehensive Ranking System. Regular draws will select top-ranked candidates, making it essential to continuously enhance profiles for better chances of receiving invitations.


Elevating Your Express Entry Journey with

Embarking on the Express Entry journey requires meticulous planning and strategic execution. stands as your partner in navigating this transformative process. From eligibility assessments to profile creation and continuous improvement, our experts ensure you seize every opportunity to secure an invitation for permanent residence. Trust for a seamless Express Entry experience, turning your immigration dreams into reality.