Bar Graph In C Programming

HW2: Bar graph in this homework assignment, you will write a program called graph.c that reads numbers, representing pounds of a crop harvested, and d splays a bar graph representing those values. Simple! Here are the crops, in alphabetical order Beans Carrots Lettuce Peas Squash Specifications Part A Part B First, prompt the user to enter five integers, representing the pounds of each crop harvested. Read them in alphabetical order, by crop name. Then, display the bar graph showing the number of pounds, in alphabetical order by crop name. The bar graph consists of the crop name, followed by repetitions of the nia letter of the crop name. For example, if 5 pounds of Beans were harvested, you should display BBBOB For part B you must use at least one while loop, at least one for loop, and at least one do...while loop. The loops have to be useful. An empty loop that does nothing isn't good enough

Sample Runs                

In this example, the prompt is “%”. Things that you type look like this. Your output should match EXACTLY.                 

% c11 -Wall graph.c

        % ./a.out

        Pounds of Beans: 1

        Pounds of Carrots: 2

        Pounds of Lettuce: 3

        Pounds of Peas: 4

        Pounds of Squash: 5

        Beans:   B

        Carrots: CC

        Lettuce: LLL

        Peas:    PPPP

        Squash:  SSSSS

        % ./a.out

        Pounds of Beans: 0

        Pounds of Carrots: 0

        Pounds of Lettuce: 25

        Pounds of Peas: 0

        Pounds of Squash: 0






        % ./a.out

        Pounds of Beans: 10

        Pounds of Carrots: 0

        Pounds of Lettuce: 8

        Pounds of Peas: 12

        Pounds of Squash: 0

        Beans:   BBBBBBBBBB


        Lettuce: LLLLLLLL

        Peas:    PPPPPPPPPPPP


        % ./a.out

        Pounds of Beans: 12

        Pounds of Carrots: 14

        Pounds of Lettuce: 10

        Pounds of Peas: 8

        Pounds of Squash: 6

        Beans:   BBBBBBBBBBBB

        Carrots: CCCCCCCCCCCCCC

        Lettuce: LLLLLLLLLL

        Peas:    PPPPPPPP

        Squash:  SSSSSS


Your output must line up properly—that’s the purpose of a bar graph. The following is hideous, and will be graded appropriately:                 

Beans: BBB

        Carrots: CCC

        Lettuce: LLL

        Peas: PPP

        Squash: SSS