Encapsulation in C# Assignment Help


  • The process of shielding one or more things physically or logically inside a package is called encapsulation.
  • It prevents ease of access
  • It is implemented using access modifiers which defines the scope and visibility of a className
  • C# has the following access specifiers
    • Public
    • Private
    • Protected
    • Internal
    • Protected internal

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Public Access Specifier

  • Public access specifier grants a classNameto share all its properties to all other classes outside.

Private Access Specifier

  • Private access specifier does not grant any permission to share its properties
  • Its hide from all other classes
  • Only the same classNamehas the right to use its private members.

Protected Access Specifier

  • Protected access specifier grants a child classNameto share the member variables and member functions of its immediate base className.

Internal Access Specifier

  • Internal access specifier grants a classNameto render its members to other objects in the current assembly
  • With an internal access specifier any classNamewithin the application in which the member is defined can be accessed

Protected Internal Access Specifier

  • The protected internal access specifier hides its members from all other classes except a child classNamewithin the same application.