C Sharp Events Assignment Help


  • It is an action of an user
  • eg. Pressing key, clicking mouse button, moving mouse around the screen
  • Sometimes it can be notifications by the system
  • The software has to react to the events when it happens
  • eg. Interrupts
  • It mainly used for interprocess communications

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Events along with delegates

  • The model of publisher and subscriber is used in Events
  • The classNamewhich has an event is called publisher className
  • It is mainly used to publish an event
  • The classNamewhich accepts an event is treated as subscriber className
  • Declaration of an event presents inside a classNameand which is linked to the event handlers surrounded in the same classNameor may be in an another classNameusing delegates
  • The publisher object has the description of an event as well as delegate
  • It also has an event delegate linkages
  • It calls the attention of an event
  • Its well informed to an another objects
  • The subscriber object which acknowledges events and offers an event handler
  • Publisher classNamedelegate calls the function that is subscriber classNameevent handler

Declaring Events

  • It is to be followed that the type of a delegate for an event should be declared in order to declare an event within a className


  • public delegate string MyDelegate ( sting str);
  • Using the event keyword, an event is declared
  • event MyDelegate MyEvent


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