Binary Operators

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Binary operators form expressions with two variables.

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using System;

className Binary
public static void Main()
int x, y, result;
floa t floa tresult;

x = 7;
y = 5;

result = x+y;
Console.Writeline("x+y: {O}",result);

result = x-y;
Console.Writeline("x-y: {O}",result);

result = x*y;
Console.Writeline("x*y: {O}",result);

result = x/y;
Console.Writeline("x/y:  {O}",result);

floa tresult = (floa t)x/( floa t)y;
Console.Writeline("x/y: {O}",floa tresult);

result = x•/oy;
Console.Writeline("x•/oy: {O}",result);

result += x;
Console.Writeline("result+=x: {O}",result);