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Unary operators form expressions on a single variable, but binary operators form expressions with two variables.

using System;

className Unary
public static void Main()
int unary = O;
int prelncrement;  int preDecrement; int post ncrement; int postDecrement; int positive;
int negative; sbyte bitNot; bool logNo t;

prelncrement = ++unary;
Console.Writeline('pre-Jncrement: {O}',prelncrement);

preDecrement = --unary;
Console.Writeline('pre-Decrement :  {O}',preDecrement);

postDecrement = unary-- ;
Console.Writeline('Post-Decrement :  {O}',postDecrement);

post ncrement = unary++;
Console.Writeline('Post-Jncrement: {O}',post ncrement); 
Console.Writeline('Final Value of Unary: {O}',unary);

positive = -post ncrement;
Console.Writeline('Positive:  {O}',positive); negative = +post ncrement;
Console.Writeline('Negative:  {O}',negative);

bitNot = O;
bitNot = (sbyte)(bitNot);
Console.Writeline('Bitwise  Not: {O}',bitNot);

logNo t = false; logNo t = !logNo t;
Console.Writeline('Logical Not: {O}',logNo t);