Cell cycle and cell division Assignment Help

What is cell cycle and how does it play an important role in proper functioning of living system?

Cell cycle is a series of event that leads to division and duplication of cells to form daughter cells. Cell duplication takes place in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes yet the process in two are completely different. On one hand, cell cycle in prokaryotes takes place via binary fission because they lack nucleus, whereas in eukaryotes i.e. organism having nucleus; cell cycle is divided into three major steps i.e. interphase, mitotic phase and cytokinesis.

Different events in cell cycle of eukaryotes can be briefly described as follows:

cell cycle Assignment Help

Quiescent phase - Gap 0 phase or G0 phase- at this phase cell has left the cycle and stopped diving.

  • Gap 1 phase or G1 phase- increase in size of cell.
  • Synthesis phase or S phase- replication of DNA takes place.
  • Gap 2 phase or G2 phase- cell still continues to grow and ready to enter mitotic phase.

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Cell division - growth of cell is stopped and hence cell divides to form daughter cells.

Beside these events of cell cycle, many other checkpoint and enzymes are involved in the complete process that helps in growth and development of cells and organism as a whole. In fact, mitotic is divided into many other stages. Directly or indirectly cell cycle is also linked to cancer.

Cell cycle and cell division

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