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Chcleg001 Work Legally And Ethically Assignment Help

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Let’s first understand the broader purview of nursing studies and why so much importance is laid on the subject when doing advanced or upper study courses?

Nurses are the backbone of a healthcare system. From handling the nuanced tasks of monitoring and looking after patients to managing the equipment, tracking patient progress and assisting doctors with making the right decisions, nursing is a widespread field. Finding your niche in the widespread field is imperative to build a far-reaching career in this field.

Working in such high-risk environments, where several lives depend on the performance, decisions and care provided by healthcare workers, one is bound to find oneself in ethical or legal conundrum now and then. There might be a situation that would solicit compromising either legal or ethical implications to make swift responses to save a life. Besides, unlike any other profession, nurses also need to abide by a complex web of federal and state laws, while responsibly making decisions. Rapid advancements of the healthcare system often pose challenging situations in front of healthcare practitioners for new procedures and practices for which the law and court might not have established laws. As a result, nurses and healthcare professionals must work ethically and legally while making decisions to minimize their ethical and legal liabilities.

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ANF Australian Nursing Federation: The Code For Working Ethically & Legally

The Australian Nurses Association is a body that publishes the collation of the accepted guidelines for ethical practices in Australia. The ANF code is a dynamic document that changes with the advancement in the profession. The guide also publishes separate ethics and guides for different specialities and controversial areas to help professionals work ethically and legally

When laws and circumstances change, the fundamental principles of the profession stand firm. The foundation of the ethical code of nursing is “patient-care”. Thus, the following points are included in an appropriate patient-care plan.

Attentiveness: Ethically, obligations of nurses extend to not only taking care of their patients also to cater to the needs of their colleagues and community.

Responsibility: Nurses often make decisions that impact the lives of people directly. In such intricate circumstances, they are obliged to consider possible repercussions and consequences of their action as they attend to patients and well-being.

Competence: The profession requires high levels of expertise and a high degree of knowledge. A nurse is ought to stay updated with the latest developments in healthcare and follow the best protocols and practices.

Patient Responsiveness: Nurses are the point of contact that gets the most of the contact time with the patient. Thus it is their ethical responsibility to monitor the progress and treatment response of the patient. Nurses are obliged to communicate and inform professionals about the possible need for intervention along with establishing communication with other stakeholders.

The Legal Obligations of a nurse:

The legal obligations of the Nursing profession are tied with licensure, federal laws and public expectation. One can be exposed to litigation in this profession when one’s practice falls under the line of acceptable standards.

The basis for legal implications can relate to the matters of negligence, malpractices, failing to follow the code or protocol. Litigation or either a temporary license review can result in restrainment of a nurse’s license.

Some of the common legal and ethical challenges that nurses face may include:

  • Appropriate use of Social Media in a workplace
  • Balancing the efficiency with the need to provide the appropriate and sufficient care
  • Resolving conflicts at the workplace
  • Coping with shortages in supply or staffing

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