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Referencing has two parts that are, in-text citations which means the citations in between the sentences and paragraphs in the main body of the document, and at the end of the paper the complete reference list. Chicago style includes author-date format; therefore, the in-text citations include the name of the author, year in which the article got published which is either given in partly or wholly in round brackets. Only the surname of the author and publication year followed by page, chapter, or several sections. While citing in the main body in between the texts and in the main body there is no such importance of distinguishing between journal articles, internet, and books are required with few exceptions for the electronic-based documents which do not provide page numbers. In such a case, paragraph number is used. References contain all the required information which someone needs to be guided for the source. Chicago referencing style follows the arrangement in alphabetical order by the surname of the author's primarily. Referencing helps in acknowledging the benefaction of other writers and researchers in their respective work. In today's time, online services have become so trending and useful in the academic and non-academic fields. It has its advantages and disadvantages. The term education system refers to teachings, coaching, school programs. The initial level of an education system is schools where a child is taught the basic teachings. It's a process of spreading learning, gaining knowledge, imparting knowledge, skills, moral values. Any university who works and perform their experiments by reviewing the work of other researchers must give the correct credit to the author who belongs to the paper. It is also a way of providing credit to the author from whom the ideas and words were borrowed. By giving correct citations to the authors and writer from whom the ideas and research methodologies are taken the credit is offered to them to maintain the privacy and security of their content. This is also a way of providing respect to the intellectual rights of the particular researcher. Being a student or academic part, you are allowed to take help from millions of thoughts, ideas, research, and arguments published by other authors, with giving them their recognition. Materials from online sources are very important to cite if you are using that information in your report or assignment. Online sources could be a newspaper, journal research paper, articles, images, videos, etc. Another name for online sources could be electronic sources, sources from the internet, and web sources. There are different ways and formats of citing a piece of information. You can cite manually or with the help of a tool as well. Some common formats are Chicago, APA, and Harvard style of referencing information. Diversified information gives you a clear picture of your topic in a very short period and helps you in investing your quality time in learning other things also. Help in achieving good grades. It develops your soft skills and gives you many opportunities in online competitions with flexibility. Online education is quite affordable when it is compared with physical learning.

Chicago style is divided into two varieties:

To follow the correct system many tools are available online and different links are provided in the following paragraphs to see the format of citations given in the document for different sources. The bibliography and notes system is well preferred by many people who are professionals and working on different subjects like history, literature, and arts. In this following system, the sources are cited in differed footnotes with proper numberings. Every note corresponds to the text number given in the document. A separate bibliography is added for multiple sources used and referred for the creation of the document. A separate bibliography consists of a list of multiple sources. A wide variety of sources that includes unusual ones that Chicago Referencing Types Bibliography and notes Author-date do not get fit into the author-date format properly is well accommodated by the bibliography and notes. Apart from using the numbering system vs parenthetical references in the given text, the basic two systems share a similar pattern. Chicago style is majorly used in subjects like; Philosophy, Arts, History, Anthropology, etc. The Chicago referencing style provides instructions for the basic two styles explained above.

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Examples of Chicago Referencing format

1. Journal
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2. Website
Base, Knowledge, Citing sources, and Citation correctly. 2021. "Citation Styles Guide | Which Citation Style Should You Use?". Scribbr.
"6 Sample Meeting Agenda Examples [And 80+ Templates]". 2021. Hugo.Team.

3. Book
Williams, Kate, and Mary Davis. n.d. Referencing & Understanding Plagiarism. A Guide To Referencing With Examples In The APA & Harvard Styles. 2010. Canberra: the University of Canberra Library and Academic Skills Program.

Significance of referencing

  1. More diversified information: Brainstorming sessions in online sessions give more diversified information. Diverse information on a topic helps you in effective decision making and reaching out to a conclusion.
  2. Cost-effective: Students who cannot afford to go too far places and transportation may find online services cost-effective and helpful in gaining knowledge and learning sessions.
  3. Accessible information: Online sources help you in accessing information anytime anywhere. Cost-effective for doing research and analysis on any topic.
  4. Flexibility: Online learning give you flexible hours and places to gain knowledge and skills.
  5. Focusing on ideas: Multiple ideas and sharing without hesitation. Options lead you to concrete information.
  6. Facts based information: Any information which is already reviewed is true by given pieces of evidence.
  7. Correct approach: By reviewing previous research you can develop new ideas and ways of doing the same research in your way to come up with the best results.
  8. Save time: Going through the available thesis is quite helpful for you and it saves your time.
  9. Research-oriented approach: It helps in developing your mindset in a research line and ways to achieve it.