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Civil Engineering Assignment Help

Introduction to Civil Engineering

The word civil Engineering directs our mind toward the work related to designing and construction whether it’s a big building, roadway, dam or anything else. But the area of Civil Engineering is far beyond our simple understanding. Civil Engineering is a major yet the oldest field of engineering that educate students to shape the environment around us. Here, shaping environment refers to modifying already existing structures or planning and implementing some new idea in construction that makes human life easier and simple. Avail civil Engineering Assignment Help services now

Civil Engineering Assignment Help

Civil Engineers are smart enough to recognize the sustainability of the natural environment or Mother Nature and hence they carry the work of designing, construction and maintenance accordingly. Construction of dams, building, road, bridges, water supply, and any other system is the work accomplished by Civil engineers. Civil Engineers have lots of responsibility while carrying out their professional work. Their job is not restricted to planning and implementing, rather they need to do a proper inspection that the project is executed according to the plan. Firstly, they are required to research on all possible outcomes of their construction plan, drawbacks as well as advantages. If the information seems satisfactory only then they can implement the work. Secondly, they need to monitor the progress of work. Thirdly, they need to plan according to the purposed budget and most importantly, they also have a higher responsibility for the public safety of the entire project. Moreover, their planning is also directly dependent on the proper use of available resources.

Though we find water easily available at our home and workplace the entire process of water supply is quite difficult yet creatively designed by Civil Engineers. Civil engineers not only apply mathematical or scientific logic and ideas in their work but they also use design or artistic principles to obtain the perfect result. Hence, the Assignment of Civil Engineering makes an individual versatile by making him proficient in the number of other areas as well.

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The cross-section of a simply-supported T-beam is shown in Fig 1. As shown in Fig 2, the simply supported beam spans 15+b m and carries two-point live loads F1 and F2, as well asdistributed dead load and live load in addition to its self-weight. The beam is post-tensioned with 2 cables, each of which consists of multiple 7-wire ordinary strands. The tendon profile isparabolic, with no eccentricity at both ends and a maximum eccentricity e at the mid-span(Fig 1). All strands are stressed to 70% of their characteristic breaking loads at transfer.

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There is a number of areas for specialization in Civil Engineering. Few are briefly explained below:

topics in civil engineering

Environmental Engineering

The main element of our environment is air, water, and soil. But day after day these components are getting affected due to increasing pollution. Hence, this area of Engineering focuses to reduce the damage caused to these environmental factors. Environmental Engineers plan, design and execute ideas that work to decrease the liberation of harmful gases from factories, industries or vehicles.

Transportation Engineering

Transportation is the means to travel from one place to the other. It can be by roadways, airways or waterways. Hence, this field of Engineering Educate students on planning, building, maintaining and operating different mediums of transport so as to provide the safest and easiest drive to the people. Transport Engineers have the great responsibility of developing network links of different transportation medium along with the required terminals. 

Structural Engineering

The term Structural Engineering though designates building of the structure, but this must be further understood in a deeper sense. Designing structures that can resist any pressure or force is the main idea for studying Structural Engineering. Hence, it requires a transparent idea and knowledge of solid mechanics to construct any structure that can resist fixed or forceful weight. 

Water Resources Engineering

This area of Civil Engineering includes the finest plan, design, and operation of the water resources system. This field of study can also be termed hydraulic engineering that requires knowledge of fluid mechanics for the use and management of water in remote and open channels. 

5. Geotechnical Engineering

This area of Civil Engineering basically focuses to study the soil, rock or and any other geothermal property, in order to look the reason for contamination, or the suitability for execution of any planned project. They even do lots of work related to the embankment, channels, etc.

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