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Climate change is also known as global warming and the effect of a greenhouse. It is referred to the rise of earth temperature on Earth. Temperature rise is taking place due to the excessive use o fuels, deforestation, industrialization, and many more. Industrialization and the excessive use of fuels in Vehicles and other substances cause the release the carbon dioxide and the molecules of Carbon dioxide to become a trap in the atmosphere due to the greenhouse effect. The presence of excess Carbon dioxide leads to the rise in temperature which future impacts the melting of glaciers and other environmental threats. Like drought, reduction in sea level, severe weather conditions, forest fire, etc. It is believed by some that climate change is real, but it is stated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the US Environment Protection Agency that climate change is destructively occurring due to human activities.

Humans have emitted a large amount of carbon dioxide due to various activities and other greenhouse gases which are responsible for the change in the climate. Greenhouse gases act like a blanket that surrounds the earth and trap Carbon dioxide and causing an increase in temperature. And this process is known as the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is necessary but anything in excess harms. Similarly, the exceed of the burning of the fuel is resulting in the change of the fuel. People tend to adapt to the changes, but the scratching heat can affect the water supplies, agricultural system, transportation and even causes diseases like Skin cancer and many more. Certain unavoidable climate scenarios cannot be amended or changed. For example, the molecules of Carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere will continue to stay because it takes around a century to emit the co2 molecules from the atmosphere. Therefore, the earth will become warm in the upcoming seasons. Global Warming is becoming a serious cause all over the world. The enhancement in global warming is due to the increase in the greenhouse effect and the earth's temperature. Certain gases are responsible for climate change and these are Carbon dioxide, dinitrogen-oxide, water vapor, and methane. The earth absorbs 70% of the sunlight which further affects the water bodies, land, and ocean, and some are absorbed by the atmosphere. And around 30 % of the sunlight goes back into space due to the reflection from the shiny surfaces lie ice and clouds. Sunlight is very beneficial for us and with advanced technology, we can generate electricity from the sunlight with the help of solar panels. Our atmosphere contains more greenhouse gases rather than infrared energy; therefore, Earth is becoming a suitable place for Greenhouse emissions.

Climate change essay assignment help


The utmost cause of climate change is the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and these substances emit greenhouse gases that trap heat and co2. Other human activities are responsible for the drastic changes that climate is facing and these include destructive methods used in agriculture and deforestation. Gases are an important part of the atmosphere and even play a crucial role in the environment, but the excess presence of Carbon dioxide is around 400 ppm. Such a high rate in the co2 was not noted down in the past 10,000 years.

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Some climatic activities which allow concluding in environmental changes are volcanic eruption, amount of solar energy. Such activities are still natural and considerate in comparison to Man-made activities. Volcanos release small particles of Sulphur dioxide with lava and ash. Due to the emission of the so2, the solar radiation reflects out to space. Due to deforestation, the Earth has left with fewer proportionally plants that can intake the co2 molecules and release oxygen. And in the night, the process of the synthesis in the parent is completely different. They release carbon-di-oxide at the night. methane is also emitted by the digestion of the battles. One of the consequences of climate change is forest fire which further emits co2 into the atmosphere. To remove the effect of Co2 made up by the forest fire, the plants need to grow into the same area of the forest. Scientists have predicted the vulnerable changes and effects of global warming that Earth will need to face. There will be high heat strokes, high levels of the sea, and the loss of sea ice. Researchers have stated that the individual areas will be affected from time to time. There will be no instant change, but changes will affect the areas individually at the different strokes of time. And it is stated that if Humans will not take any significant step to stop the emission of these gases under 21 centuries, then there can be a rise in 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit in the Earth’s temperature. Industrial activities and other advanced activities have increased the level of greenhouse gases.


Due to an increase in the temperature, there can be an increase in the overall rise in the earth's temperature by 11.5 Fahrenheit, and in the past, the earth's overall temperature has already been increasing by 1.4 Fahrenheit. The change in the temperature does not look scary but it is worth noting that the temperature before the Ice age was 4 degrees Fahrenheit lower than today.

Rising sea levels due to the melting of ice and glaciers will contribute to storm damage. And due to temperature rise, the water bodies would heat up and which will increase the chances of the storm and additional rainfall will lead to floods in certain tropical areas. The actions of the human will lead to the great to wildlife and it will enhance forest fire which will destruct the homes of the wildlife and different flora and fauna. The scorching heat will also evidence of the rising case of cancer and skin diseases.


Temperature rise is occurring because of the over-the-top use of fills, deforestation, industrialization, and some more. Industrialization and the unreasonable utilization of fills in Vehicles and different substances cause the delivery the carbon dioxide and the particles of Carbon dioxide to turn into a snare in the air because of the nursery impact. The presence of overabundance Carbon dioxide prompts the ascent in temperature which future affects the softening of icy masses and other natural dangers. Like a dry spell, decrease in the ocean level, serious climate conditions, woodland fire, and so on A dangerous atmospheric deviation is turning into a genuine motivation everywhere in the world. The upgrade is a dangerous atmospheric deviation is because of the increment in the nursery impact and the world's temperature. Certain gases are liable for environmental change and these are Carbon dioxide, dinitrogen-oxide, water fume, and methane. Rising ocean levels because of the softening of ice and glacial masses will add to storm harm. What is more, because of temperature rise, the water bodies would warm up and which will expand the odds of the tempest and extra precipitation will prompt floods in certain tropical territories. The activities of the human will prompt the extraordinary to untamed life and it will improve backwoods fire which will destruct the homes of the natural life and diverse vegetation.

We humans are required to be more aware of our activities and the tasks that contribute to the rise of greenhouse gases. And if the temperature would continue to rise in the same way, then there will be a huge extinction in species. If humans take the charge to control human activities, then earth's temperature will not increase. If everybody could join our hands towards this significant motive, then the condition of the Earth can improve.