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And add project reference the system namespace data name and

The Ten Pillars of Silverlight ❘325

of the DataContext . At every tick of the timer, the PropertyChanged event is fi red. The INotifyPropertyChanged interface (which only defi nes the PropertyChanged event) is how the Silverlight run - time learns about changes in the data binding source objects. Firing the PropertyChanged event instructs the Silverlight run - time to update all properties that have been bound to the data object property in question. From this point on, the display is automatic and handled by the Silverlight run - time.

➤ Path — This can be omitted as a shorthand. The binding expression in the Clock sample can also be written as Text= “ {Binding CurrentTime} “ .

Data Binding Between Two UI Elements

the TextBox is invalid (for example, it contains a letter), an exception will be raised. Because you set the ValidatesOnExceptions property of the Binding to True , the exception actually appears as a user - friendly notifi cation, as shown in Figure 8 - 15. Further binding validation options include ValidatesOnDataErrors and

Most of the time, the task is to display multiple objects at the same time — for example, in a ListBox , DataGrid , or even a DropDownList . Suppose the application has to list the authors of this book. The Author object is very simple:

public class Author
public string Name { get; set; }
public string Chapters { get; set; }

If authors is of type IEnumerable < Author > (or something similar, like a List < Author > ), and it has any data, the Author objects will be displayed as shown in Figure 8 - 16.

< Button Content=”Add new author” Click=”AddAuthor_Click” / >

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and add project reference the system namespace dat
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