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Smooth Function with Smoothing Homework Answers Needed

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6.4.5. [Smooth] The idea of smoothing a function is an important concept in signal processing. If f is a function and dx is a small number, then the smoothed version of f is the function whose value at a point x is the average of f(x - dx), f(x), and f (x + dx).

Write a function smooth that takes two inputs, a function that computes f and a


$((smooth quad 1) 1)


student submitted image, transcription available below

Step By Step Answers with Explanation

4. Return the inner function as the result of the `smooth` function.

Here's the code in Scheme:

(define (quad x)

  (+ (* 2 x) 1))


(display ((smoothed-quad 0)))  ; Output: 1

  1. We define the `smooth` function, which takes `f` and `dx` as arguments.

  2. Inside the `smooth` function, we define an inner function that takes a value `x`.

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and and return define the quad function
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