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And delete crud methods that expose graph data model

standalone complex records that reflect the of an aggregate.

Though each aggregate store has a different storage strategy, they all have a great deal in common when it comes to querying data. For simple ad hoc queries, each tends to provide features such as indexing, simple document linking, or a query language. For more complex queries, applications commonly identify and extract a subset of data from the store before piping it through some external processing infrastructure such as a MapReduce framework. This is done when the necessary deep insight cannot be generated simply by examining individual aggregates.

Graph Databases

A graph database is an online, operational database management system with Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) methods that expose a graph data model. Graph databases are generally built for use with transactional (OLTP) systems. Accordingly, they are normally optimized for transactional performance, and engineered with transactional integrity and operational availability in mind.

NOSQL Overview | 205

Besides adopting a specific approach to storage and processing, a graph database will also adopt a specific data model. There are several different graph data models in common usage, including property graphs, hypergraphs, and triples. We discuss each of these models below.

Property Graphs

• Relationships are named and directed, and always have a start and end node.

• Relationships can also contain properties.

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and delete crud methods that expose graph data mod
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