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And drag undock dock the options bar the top bottom the photoshop window

24 Working with Your First Photoshop File

If you install additional filters from third parties, Photoshop lists them at the very bottom of the Filter menu. You can find third-party filters at Web sites such as www.alienskin.com, www.andromeda.com, and www.autofx.com.

Simplifying your edits with the Options bar
The Options bar, shown in Figure 1-9, is a great feature because it eliminates the need to access a separate options palette for each tool. The bar remains available at all times, docked beneath the menu bar (unless you decide to hide it for some bizarre reason), and the options change as you switch tools. If under the menu isn’t a good place for it, feel free to move it any-where you please.

Bar options: Additional options, such as mode, opacity, feather, type styles, and fonts are arrayed on the rest of the Options bar.

Adobe Bridge button: The Adobe Bridge button (a folder with a magni-fying glass and the letters Br) allows you to access the cross application Bridge with a mere click. See Book I, Chapter 4 for lots of details.

Options bar

Figure 1-9: The ubiquitous Options bar is dynamic and reflects various options for the tool in use and operation being performed.

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and drag undock dock the options bar the top botto
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